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The delivery services of a company play a vital role in the proper functioning of a company. The efficiency of the work of the delivery agents determines the satisfaction level of customers. However, the real world out there is much different from mere presumptions. The delivery agents face a tough time while delivering products. Not all deliveries go smoothly. Loqate is a lifesaver solution for real-life delivery agents.

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Loqate Quick Info

The most difficult situation a delivery agent faces in his daily life is when a confusing delivery address is mentioned on the package. Its natural for any ordinary person to be in a complete fix in such type of situations. Embedding of cutting-edge technology has made impossible things possible and has turned into new rays of hope for our hard-working delivery agents. Loqate can pinpoint the exact location of the delivery address without fail. This effective location tracking technology of Loqate, combined with timely delivery services provided by the delivery group, will surely bring a lot of smiles.

Address verification which no one else can provide

If the delivery agents offer their services in countries other than their homeland, even then Loqate can accurately detect their location. The settings of Loqate are pretty intuitive to modify and do not require the touch of an expert. The data we use comes from authentic sources all around the world. The services offered by Loqate are platform-independent and can work with the same efficiency, irrespective of the device used. From a small business set-up to large-scale enterprises, Loqate can prove to be quite handy for almost everyone. Any change committed in any address record gets automatically reflected in the Loqate database.

Our premium services

Loqate combines authentic data from our database along with local repositories to get the ultimate location of an address. One of the best features ever provided by Loqate is its parsing engine. Known for automatically detecting and cleaning missing fields, it is the key to the quality of our services. We have gargantuan-sized working capacities. We automatically detect and instantly notify teams before any invalid address gets stamped as the final delivery address. Customers simply love the quality of the transliteration services we offer.

The many powers of Loqate

Every year, a lot of companies spend a huge sum, simply due to failed deliveries. Loqate can significantly reduce these costs. We, at Loqate, strive hard to reduce this loss to a minimum. Customers eagerly await the arrival of their ordered products. In such scenarios, delivering a product, much before the due time will boost the customer-experience level. Out of the many companies that have subscribed to Loqate’s services, almost all have left positive feedback.

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Company Name: Loqate

Founded In: 2001

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