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Lucidpress is the online design tool that helps you to quickly create professional looking stunning digital visual content that can be published online, printed, or shared through social media with the click of a button. Download now and start with a trial version that makes you look and feel like a design genius.

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15 Alternatives

Top Lucidpress Alternatives

Lucidpress Quick Info

Lucidpress is a web-based online software used for creating business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, posters, and presentations. Launched in 2013, it can be used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Currently, it has over 7 million users, and some of the famous brands have availed its services as well; these include – Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Netflix, Prada, and Toyota.

Lucidpress for every business

While it might seem like small-scale businesses or firms are the ones that primarily rely on such products, Lucidpress turns out to be a game-changer proving how it can be beneficial for every kind of industry. It has a quite easy UI that accommodates drag-and-drop editor for making the creation process fast and hassle-free. It allows agencies to use their custom logos as well to empower the brand professionally.

How does Lucidpress help

As mentioned above, Lucidpress makes content creation work easy and quick. The software also helps in delegating by template locking and optional approval workflow features, which save the time of organization so that they can focus on other vital aspects of operations.         

Lucidpress also provides an option to comment on a project and let employees connect through the chat feature, which brings the team together, simplifying team management. Moreover, it also allows the project team or an individual to share the creative work in their preferred way out of – direct mail, publishing digitally or socially, on-demand printing, or even email and website embedding. All these diverse and multi-platform ways of sharing and publication also aid an organization by increasing their presence on multiple platforms at once.

Lucidpress is available in individual plans as well as business plans. The individual plan also has a free edition with limited features that will allow a user to get comfortable and then choose the plan they need. Want to make content at your freedom and an affordable price? Lucidpress might turn out to be the right choice.

Top Features

  • Design Tool
  • Stunning Visual Content
  • Nothing To Install
  • Drag and Drop
  • Easy Import
  • Flexible Sharing
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Customizable Permissions
  • Revision History
  • Analytics Tracks
  • Incredibly Affordable
  • Brand Asset Management
  • Template Locking
  • Snappy Smart Fields
  • Secure Data Centers
  • Export PDF Document
  • Stability Enhancements
  • Robust Backup
  • Data Encryption
  • Dynamic For Digital
  • Animate CC Integration
  • ¬†Perfect For Print
  • Engaging User Interface
  • Designed Product Brochure
  • Font Filtering
  • HTML Export Improvements
  • Arrowhead Scale Control
  • Free Online Demo
  • Free Trial Version.

Company Information

Company Name: Lucid Software Inc.

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