Want to create and edit compelling videos? Consider an online video maker from Magisto that is revolutionizing video creation and editing in the quick and simple steps. Magisto offers a true digital experience of end-to-end video editing and marketing that improves conversion rates.

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11 Alternatives

Top Magisto Alternatives

Magisto Quick Info

Video editing needs not only lots of skills but also a handy video editor product. Of these, offline editors are cumbersome and take a good chunk of system resources. Therefore, we use the cloud video editors, which can be accessed from any place and are also lighter on the system.

Magisto is one such Cloud Video Editor. Founded in 2009, Magisto is promoted as an AI-assisted video editor. Magisto is using AI-powered image analysis technology to assist the users in video editing. Due to this, Magisto reduces the skill requirements. As they claim, Magisto has 113 million users, produced 450 million videos, and supports 24 languages. They are certified partners with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and have big customers like Zappos, Samsung, Mitsubishi, NBC, etc.

Magisto Video Editor Feature and Subscription Plans

Magisto used EST, i.e., Emotion Sensing Technology, an AI-powered tech that can be used to see what type of video or images are uploaded. After that, it suggests themes and editing effects appropriately. This helps the newbies in quickly deciding what to edit and what not to. So far, Magisto’s AI has worked flawlessly.

Magisto primarily offers three subscriptions viz., Premium, Professional, and Business, priced at $4.99, 9.99, and 34.99, respectively, which are quite low-cost. The base plan, i.e., Magisto Premium, offers all basic video editing amenities.

It uses 60+ images and videos, limits videos to 2:30 minutes, and has standard editing tools. In the Magisto Professional, we can access advanced editing, 5 minutes long videos, add logos, and licensed music. Similarly, in the Magisto Business, we acquire millions of stock photos and video clips, 10 minutes video limit, UHD videos, additional tools for email marketing, video analytics, and embedded support.

Both Professional and Business plans have added a subscription of iStock and Vimeo. iStock has stock videos and images, whereas Vimeo is an online video publishing platform. Up to 5 TB space is available in the Vimeo plan with advanced analytics options.

Overall, Magisto has a series of tools for video making, editing, and management. It has all the critical video editing features and a great UI. Magisto also offers excellent customer services even on basic subscription.

Top Features

  • Upload Files
  • Add Photos And Videos
  • Choose Video Editing Style
  • Add Soundtrack From Library
  • AI Powered Professional Video
  • Analyse And Edit Videos
  • Cross-channel Video Content
  • Video Content Distribution. Video Marketing Insights
  • Understand Audience Behaviour.
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Facebook Video Marketing
  • A/B Video Testing
  • ROI Of Video
  • Millennial Marketing
  • Video Marketing Tips
  • 1 Minute Video Creation
  • Soundless Videos.
  • Premium Plan
  • Advanced Professional Plans
  • Business Marketing Campaign Plans
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Premium Editing Styles
  • Commercially Licences Music
  • Add Own Logo.