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Mailify is a smart and feature-rich strategic customer connect software that suits a proactive user base. This automated customer data handling system leverages contemporary backend functionalities to manage widespread user information. This product is easier to install in the enterprise portal and works in a synchronized fashion driving business productivity.

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Mailify Quick Info

Mailify powered by Sarbacane's highly robust development engine is certified with standard compliance protocols. This application is an inbuilt growth stimulus for any enterprise that looks out for dynamic customer outreach methodology. The statistics about users that this framework collects and how it manipulates the dataset is extensive and highly flexible. It helps a brand in behavioral research and preference variations of any segment of the target base.

Portfolio management of end-users simplified

This software once injected into a firm’s digital store aggregates various customer paradigms in a usable way. Active entrants, fresh takers for a brand, and prospective customers are reached by generating a finite list within and mailing them. Segregating multiple-dimensional customer lists and alerting them on offers like freebies or discounts is automated. Touchpoint interactions along distributed avenues to access specified categories are triggered from within. Responsive dynamics are well captured and pre-defined before inviting the customers for trial or a promotional meet.

Action on the user’s database happens faster

Details of the targeted user base are scrubbed multiple times and optimized based on their activity levels. Quick respondents to notifications are included dynamically in the mail chain while passive ones are removed. Customized offers to present user groups are sent with personalization taken into account. Response from the viewers to whom the data is sent, whether they thorn up or drop out is monitored with indicators. Templates for allowing regular customers to provide what they prefer or think besides their general identification are leveraged consistently without any task force in place.

Serves as a motivational factor to stakeholders

With Mailify in place, brands find it easier to boost workforce morale, least time spent iterative action items, reduced spending on operations, and mitigating routine risks. Metrics on how entities change the mindset, fast varying choices, and addressing the same are highlighted. Customer reversal back into the funnel is assured with future expectations, review, and feedback being attended at once. Decision making and alternative strategy to reach customers is self-powered. Profit margin and turnover will see a spike with this unparalleled software application operating in the backend.

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Company Name: Mailify

Founded In: 2014

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