The Top Alternatives to MailUp Includes iContact, Godaddy Email Marketing, Mailrelay, G-Lock EasyMail and 11 other products in Email Marketing Software

By: MailUp S.p.A.

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top MailUp Alternatives


MailUp provides email and SMS delivery solution that allows you to create email and SMS marketing campaign in one platform. It features mobile-friendly newsletter, clean database, high volume email sending, accurate analytics, API, and email automation. It offers four pricing options based on the delivery speed: 10 Hours, 4 Hours, 2 Hours, and 1 Hour.

Top Features

General Features
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Disaster Recovery Feature,
Email Campaign
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Multiple Dialogue Messenger
  • Send-To-Friend Feature
  • Domain Account Personalization
  • Email Previewer
  • Spam Filter Trigger Alert
  • Image Subject-line Checker
  • Statistical Data Synchronizer
  • SMTP+ Function Feature
  • Autoresponder
  • Dedicated Consultancy Experts
  • Email Scheduler
  • Time-Zone Conversion Feature
  • Email Return Path Certification
Email Editing
  • Mobile Platform Editor
  • Drag/Drop Editor
  • WYSIWYG Editor Feature
  • HTML Editor
  • DKIM signature Enabled
Integration Features
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integrate E-Commerce Platforms
  • Business System Integration
  • Developer Platform Integration
  • API Integration
Analytic Solution
  • Hot-Spot Analyser
  • CRM Analytic Tool
  • A/B Tester
  • Link Blacklist Checker
  • Web System Analytics
Email Reporting
  • Graphic Table Form Reporting
  • Intelligent Campaign Reports
  • Admin Enabled Reports
  • FTP Statistical Data
  • Quality Benchmark Indicator


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Company Information

Company Name: MailUp S.p.A.

Founded In: 2002

Address: Viale Francesco Restelli, 1 Milano, Milan, Italy