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MarketMuse is an online tool that helps in the content planning and creation process. It uses Artificial Intelligence for content planning. It extracts data related to a search term from the websites that are the top-performing ones and provides recommendations based on this extracted data. It also tells about the keywords to be used.

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MarketMuse Quick Info

Content plays a vital role in almost every field because it only attracts the people towards a particular topic or thing. An attractive, appealing, and significant content can attract the attention of a person. MarketMuse helps in the creation of such material so that you be able to reach your target audience and convince them with your content.

Content Lifecycle

MarketMuse works in the complete lifecycle of content right from the planning to the screening and optimization. Earlier, the complete process was performed manually, which took a lot of time, but now with the help of MarketMuse’s machine learning technique, it is performed automatically in a minimal amount of time. The research about the topic, competitive analysis, and insight are available at just the push of a button. It finds out high opportunity pages that are relevant to the topic of your interest.

Content creation and optimization

MarketMuse acts as a guide to the content creators. It analyzes the entire content about a particular topic. It uses its modeling system to provide the structure as well as the outline of the content. It does the optimization by evaluating the performance of your content. It does the competitive analysis across the content related to your topic across the web. The applications by MarketMuse are designed in such a way that they fit in every team member’s workflow.

MarketMuse: Useful in many fields

It can be used in search engine optimization by planning the content in such a way that it increases its organic search traffic. The briefs enable that every part of the content is published and is ranked. It enables you to determine the level of the quality that is needed for your content to be ranked on Google search so as to engage the audience. The content strategists can avail of the benefits of MarketMuse by identifying the strengths and gaps in the content. The marketers use the software for performance measurement.

Content Metrics

It provides certain attributes that are used for measuring the performance. This can help in strengthening the topic. It enables you to align the content with the viewer’s interest. It determines that to what level is your content covering the topic. You can identify your expert content on the basis of competitive analysis and use it as a prototype for future writing.

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