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Marsello is an email-based marketing engine that helps you run email marketing campaigns and increase sales and leads. It analyses customer response and gathers necessary data to provide actionable insights into what the customer wants. You can get feedback and customer preference data through Marsello efficiently and progress with your business.

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15 Alternatives

Top Marsello Alternatives

Marsello Quick Info

Marsello can spearhead your email marketing campaigns with its slew of features. It can help you contact customers, initiate loyalty programs, send mass emails and SMS and generate customer feedback forms. You can track your progress through analytics and gain insight into your customer’s responses.

Run effective campaigns

Using Marsello, marketers and organizations can run successful email and SMS marketing campaigns. It has an intuitive email automation system that can automatically email your customers to provide a variety of services. You can use it to follow up with feedback, send exclusive discount coupons, provide personalized services and more. It can help you recover orders that are abandoned by the customers by sending them emails that contain their pending order information and a link to redirect them to your site. You can also optimize Marsello to send discount coupons to at-risk customers in order to win them back.

Loyalty and referral programs

Marsello helps you retain your valuable customers with its loyalty and referral programs. With its creatively designed email templates, you can motivate customers to come back to your site by offering them rewards and thus create a carefully curated loyalty program. You can create VIP tiers for the most loyal customers and offer them regular discounts and rewards that engage them. You can create referral programs that incentivize your local customers to recommend your store to their friends and family. It ensures that whenever a friend joins from your referral link, you get loyalty points accredited to you. 

Gather feedback

Marsello helps you gather feedback from your customers through email and SMS. It provides a utility through which you can create custom forms through which you can gain customer feedback. You can integrate the forms in your website to capture visitor email addresses and to be able to contact them later. The forms are highly customizable and can be helped to create landing pages for your site, eCommerce pop-ups and digital in-store forms. It enables you to track the progress you have made by expert analytics so that you can gain actionable insights from the data.  

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