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Provides free mobile and web prototyping software for designers that allows you to turn sketches and mockups into realistic prototypes. It features sharing, prototype sync with Dropbox, team collaboration, comments and annotations, export prototype as Android app, and more. The prototype created with this software is viewable in web browsers, desktop, and mobile devices.

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Marvel Quick Info

Marvel App is a famous app maker with comprehensive app building and prototyping tools. Developed in 2013, they have gathered over 2 million userbase for their products. It offers may utilities for design, wireframing, testing, etc. that can be used in their complete app builder package. They even have 500k installs of their mobile app.

Marvel App Building and Testing Tools

Marvel App offers four main subscriptions viz., Free, Pro, Team, and Team plus. The first two are designed for individual developers or smaller businesses. The team plans are for medium and big companies. These are priced at $0, 12, 42, and $84 per month in a yearly bill. The Marvel Pro plan has unlimited projects and downloadable prototypes. Similar to this, the team plan increases the user limit to 3 users. However, in the Team Plus plan, it has added support for six users with collaboration and premium support options.

Marvel Enterprise includes SSO, user roles, and workspaces. Enterprise plan also features user testing, enhanced security, SLA, and private comments. Admins can contact customer support to get more info about these plans. Marvel app also offers discounted versions for students with a 70% discount and up to 50% discount for non-profit organizations.

Marvel app tools start with a Design and Wireframing. This intricate design tool offers access to advanced assets and libraries, open/edit sketches, team libraries, cloud access, preset templates, and other such prototyping tools. The wireframing tool helps to develop the content for different platforms like desktops, tablets, mobile, and even TV devices. From hundreds of wireframe templates, they can be used simply with the drag and drop tool.

Prototyping involves the use of preset templates and interfaces to develop without the coding experience. This can be tested by other users and even shared with embedded codes and URLs for faster reviews. One can add transitions, gestures, screens, offline downloads, and other such stuff. Handoffs are used to generate codes, CSS, and Android XML for secure sync and sharing.

This design is followed by comprehensive testing by users and testers. It has a voice transcription, recruiter interface, feedback system, and integrations from testing tools like GraphQL, Zapier, JIRA, Slack, etc. It has cross-company as well as internal team collaborations too. Overall, Marvel App builder product is a unique and reliable interface to create better apps with proper testing.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Comments
  • Downloading Prototypes
  • Prototypes Password Protection
  • Removing Marvel Branding
  • Organizing Users
  • Centralized Billing
  • Creating & Sharing Prototypes
  • Dropbox Syncing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Commenting and Annotations
  • Android Apps
  • Sketch & Photoshop Supported
  • Embedding Prototypes

Company Information

Company Name: MarvelApp Prototyping Ltd

Founded In: 2013

Address: 27, First Floor Cricklade Avenue, London, UK

Facebook ID: marvelapp

Twitter ID: marvelapp