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Melissa Data free lookups tool can help users find addresses, phone numbers, ZIP, maps, IP location, property info, and much more about a person. It can be used to find address & property history, ZIP code history, business & professional details, federal information, statistics, and maps for both personal and professional purposes. The software supports many plugins and tools for enhanced performance and information lookup.

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Melissa Data

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Melissa Data Quick Info

Melissa Data is a service that provides customer’s data in a structured and updated manner to large companies and organizations. Its data services offer everything from a person’s details to an organization’s details so that it gets easier for companies to personalize and target with strategy accordingly.

Data Segregation

When companies go through big data collection, the hardest part is to segregate corrupt or useless data out of all the available data and to ensure that there is no bad data before they begin to target customers for their marketing or any other kind of campaign. This process of data segregation ends up costing them a lot of time and money, which otherwise could have been utilized in another way. To give an idea of it – losses worth nearly $3 Trillion are faced by companies worldwide every year.

With Melissa Data, you end up saving on these costs as they provide clean and structured data every time. It provides data in through detail along with all the updates over all the unstructured and old data so that organizations get only the right detail.         

Only the data you need

Melissa Data is known for the precise data, including the proper addresses of any person, office, or organization. This is achieved using multiple data referencing, thus allowing it to get addresses even from non-USPS services, which are served by other services. It also features a flag system, which verifies any place as a business place or a residential place, and this, in turn, helps the companies get not only a larger database but also the precise database for their services.

It also has address correction technology, and for every address, the platform generates a MAK key (abbreviation for Melissa Address Key). This MAK key is a 10-digit number for addresses which improves the searching speed through indexes and can also be used to segregate a particular address quickly in case there is a mistake in it that needs to be corrected.

Melissa Data also ensures that the data provided to the organizations is safely managed and reliable. This can be assured because Melissa has been accredited with several security certifications. Moreover, they undergo independent security audits themselves to make sure that they maintain high standards of data security and privacy.

Top Features

  • Address & Street Data
  • Checking & Verifying Address
  • Viewing Properties Records
  • Name Verification & Correction
  • Phone & Email Verification
  • Property Information
  • International Addresses Data
  • Batch Address Checks
  • House Numbers Finder
  • Geocoder Check
  • Carrier Routes
  • ZIP & Area Codes
  • ZIP Code Demographics
  • CASS Address & Demographics
  • Moving Updates
  • Worldwide Addresses
  • Emails & Phones Data
  • Birth & Death Data
  • Finding IP Location
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Email Location
  • SIC Codes
  • Income Tax Statistics
  • Climate Averages
  • Article Library
  • ZIP Code Maps
  • Carrier Route Maps
  • Global Postal Codes
  • County Maps
  • School District Maps
  • Neighborhood Maps
  • County Subdivisions Maps
  • Census Block Map

Company Information

Company Name: Melissa DATA Corp

Founded In: 1985

Address: 22382 Avenida Empresa Rancho, Santa Margarita, California, USA

Facebook ID: melissadata

Twitter ID: melissadata