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Provides membership plugin software that works with any WordPress-powered sites. It features access rules, product groups, subscriptions and transactions, login and user account, member management, dynamic reporting tools, content protection, third-party payment integration, unlimited members and digital products, and more. The software allows you to turn your WordPress website into a powerful membership website.

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MemberPress Quick Info

Membership sites are a great way to engage with people and earn money side by side. Members are required to pay for accessing the content. A given site requires plug-ins to track everyone’s membership. Many services offer plug-ins to manage different tasks. Memberpress is different from other plug-ins in the aspect that it acts as an all-in-one package by providing all services under a common platform. All one needs to upload is relevant content. Memberpress can handle the rest on its own. It is easy to get started with.

Simple yet powerful

Memberpress plug-in gets automatically integrated into membership sites powered by Wordpress. Once installed, the user no longer has to go through the hassle of manually managing everyone’s membership. Control access to important assets via Memberpress. One simply needs to add the details of the membership site to get started.

As per the creator's decision, Memberpress allows and bars access to digital files. A subscription to Memberpress introduces the creator to some of the popular existing community forums. Memberpress is widely known for its security features. Memberpress can protect sites from different forms of cybercrimes before it becomes too late.

An exquisite set of features

When a potential customer comes to visit a membership site, the first page he is introduced to is the pricing page. Memberpress contains templates that let one design beautiful pricing pages. If the design is not appealing enough, the user can design his own pricing page from scratch. Some plug-ins may experience a performance lag while it is used with other themes. Memberpress, however, does not cause any latencies. Memberpress adds unique capabilities to the published content. We have been able to come this far due to referrals and other programs.

Learn on the move

Memberpress lets one tap deep inside the minds of members and understand their likes and dislikes. In this way, Memberpress can help one to earn more money in little time. Memberpress can accept payments via different modes. It can make existing membership sites highly flexible in nature. it also comes with 24X7 support.

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