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MergeMail is an email marketing tool that enables organizations to leverage their email marketing efforts and obtain better returns out of the medium. The tool offers features that enable users to send bulk emails with a high degree of personalization and drive maximum conversions.

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15 Alternatives

Top MergeMail Alternatives

MergeMail Quick Info

Email marketing is one of the preferred mediums of marketing. There are multiple reasons for this preference. For starters, the medium provides better visibility and allows for more personalized interaction with the customers. It also allows users to reach a much wider segment of the target audience, which may not be possible on other mediums such as social media.

Email platforms have a significantly higher number of users when compared to a social media platform. Moreover, the average attention span of a user while viewing emails is substantially longer compared to other mediums, and this further adds to the relevance of the platform.

The emergence of email marketing

Organizations around the world have been using email marketing for quite some time now. While some use it in isolation, many others use it as a part of the marketing mix. Email marketing has fetched good results for many organizations around the world, and a significant portion of the credit for success should go-to tools like MergeMail. The tool offers several features that make it easy for users to execute their email marketing strategies effectively and gain maximum value out of them. Features like bulk mailing allow users to reach a wide set of customers at once.

Track and design

Apart from these, the tool comes with tracking features that enable users to track the open rates and gauge the relevance of their emails. They can also track the clicks on links mentioned in the emails and monitor visitor traffic to the landing page. In case the designed emails do not provide the expected impact, the users can redesign the emails using the ready-to-use templates made available by MergeMail. In addition to the designing features, the tool also offers convenient integration options with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack.

Collaborate and create winning emails

Apart from these, the tool offers several other additional features like collaboration and reporting. These features allow the marketing teams to try out different options and brainstorm on newer ones to generate the winning email marketing copy. Overall, the tool provides some very useful features that simplify email marketing for organizations and also enhance the end-user experience.

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