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mHelpDesk is a digital support platform used by customer support professionals worldwide to connect and effectively communicate with their users. The suite incorporates automation into the daily works of the digital support platform, so that it can generate a larger number of leads, and can process calls in the speed of light, thus providing a better experience to the customer as well.

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15 Alternatives

Top mHelpDesk Alternatives

mHelpDesk Quick Info

The mHelpDesk platform is a platform made to achieve the greatest amounts of revenues in the least amount of work through digital automation technology. It has multiple features for working with customer engagement, communications, inventory management, billings, and reporting. This provides a holistic platform that is easy to use, stable in operations, and easy to implement, and it has something for every company, regardless of its targeted audience or its products.

Lead generation ability at its finest

The generation of dependable leads is very important if the company wants to survive and thrive in the long-term, and mHelpDesk can help with that. With its dedicated Lead Management platform, mHelpDesk can be used by the customer support to automate how their company communicates with the customer and funnel them into the required department. This process is fast and seamless, thus it engages very well. It can also facilitate internal coordination while communicating with the customer through its powerful memo-based sharing feature. Additional integrations are possible for message syncing, scheduling, and more, however, the base of these systems is pre-provided.

Billing and invoicing integrated into an automated pipeline

Paid customer support can effectively make use of their and their customer’s time through the integrated billing systems of mHelpDesk. This time management and billing are achieved through the mobile application, which converts time into money literally through its effective invoicing solutions. These invoices are having a distinctive company design that can help preserve their branding, and templates can be created for quick billing. The invoicing pipeline can be integrated into Microsoft QuickBooks to help companies gain a proper estimate of the revenues gained against their expenses, thus enabling proper financial management.

Reporting systems to gain information

Reporting systems integrated into the mHelpDesk platform can help companies in gauging the efficiency of their customer support in converting leads. It can also be used to see customer responses regarding company practices. Last but not the least, it helps to have a comprehensive view of the financial condition and growth of the company in a very engaging CSV format, composed primarily of representative data charts.

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