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MindManager is a popular mind mapping software used by many organizations and individuals to create mind maps for brainstorming, project management, event planning, meeting planning, business planning and entries collaboration. Many tools and features of MindManager enables user to mind interactive maps based on ideas, and use them to manage and generate better ideas, decide meeting strategies and points, manage project requirements and resources, and much more.

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MindManager Quick Info

MindManager is a product that helps organizations turn thoughts to reality with its mind mapping functionalities and tools. Businesses become proficient at brainstorming, planning, sharing, and managing projects with ease and speed without losing sight using MindManager. Everyone from the team, whether working from an office, home, or onsite, can contribute their thoughts in creating highly useful projects.

It provides support to industry-driving integration with Microsoft Office and accompanies functionalities that empower clients to conceptualize, plan, share, and oversee projects utilizing a single tool. Organizations start from mere thoughts and then work their way from idea to implementation.  You can even share your mind maps with clients to get their inputs as well.

Effective Communication

MindManager takes care of issues like missing information, miscommunication, and repetition, by integrating the entirety of the data identified with a project, concept, or plan from individuals.  It offers platforms that provide a unified dashboard where everyone can write their views so that nothing is misplaced.

Virtual Dashboard

MindManager works like a virtual whiteboard. It lets you rapidly catch ideas and data then organize and contextualize them in the same spot. Drag subjects around, draw associations between various thoughts, and park-related notes, connections, and records everything in one clear, simple to-explore map.       

Easy to Organize

MindManager maps are perfect for designing projects, analyzing procedures, and combining and transfer information. You can follow expectations, due dates, resources, priorities, dependencies, and more in a familiar visual setting. What's more, when you want to change, you can make alterations quickly without any hassle.

MindManager helps people, groups, and enterprises accomplish a complex task quickly and effectively by streamlining how they process, capture, and offer data. Its adaptable, intuitive design supports freestyle thinking, fluid association, and holistic comprehension; its cross-platform functionality and robust combinations empower an increasingly streamlined, consistent work experience.

Top Features

  • Capturing Ideas
  • Setup Priorities
  • Drag-and-drop Editing
  • Inspires Innovation
Meeting & Project Management
  • Detailed Visual Agendas
  • Productive Conversations
  • Clarifying Action Items
  • Goals Visualization
  • Requirements Validation
  • Managing Resources
  • Adjusting & Optimizing Project
  • Budget Preparation
Business & Event Planning
  • Forecasts Validation
  • Analysis Presentation,Reviewing Account Plans
  • Interactive Budgeting
  • Gaining Alignments
  • Presentations Creation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Corporate Data Work
  • Managing Visual Project
  • Knowledge Management

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