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MindMup is an online web based mind mapping platform that gives users an easy to use set of tools to create, edit, share and manage interactive mind maps for business meetings and other planning tasks. The platform is very intuitive and can be used by anyone to mind maps of any level and for any purpose. Users can publish and share their mind maps online with other users and websites.

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MindMup Quick Info

MindMup is a stunning web application that quickly captures ideas while you are thinking about it. Its primary role is to assist you in focusing on your ideas without worrying about mind mapping. Mind map, which you have created, is sent immediately, wherever from any gadget. It helps in creating presentations, brainstorming, and outlining documentation, which can be shared on the web and web-based social networking.

Also, MindMup enables you to distribute your ideas to social networks from its user interface. Using this feature, you can contact your colleagues or your audience promptly without sending emails. Additionally, maps are saved to MindMup cloud that supports concurrent modifications for teams, empowering you to see updates made by different users immediately.

Easy Shortcuts

You can improve your mind mapping as the MindMup features easy keyboard shortcuts. You can remember these shortcuts with ease, and after that, you can save time and accelerate brainstorming processes. Along with that, you can set your language preferences as well.

Google Drive Integration

MindMup can interface with Google Drive account, paying little heed to your membership level. Hence, you can store your maps in your Google account without worrying about losing them. With the paid version, you can even search and restore your old mind maps which you have accidentally deleted.

Simple Conversion

MindMup offers various export choices so that you can share your idea maps and charts with your friends and colleague regularly. You can even convert them into PDF or PowerPoint records for presentation. These can be done within seconds, and you do not have to buy any subscriptions for that.

If you like to plan and conceptualize by making mind maps to connect ideas, MindMup is an incredible online application that helps you compose mind maps with ease. Explore today and take full benefits of all the features provided.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Online Mind Mapping
  • Anywhere Data Access
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Private Mind Maps
  • Access & Sharing Control
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Touch Menus & Buttons
  • Mobile Supported
  • Hiding Menus & Toolbars
  • Smart Bookmarking
  • Importing & Exporting Mind Maps

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