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MindNode is a mind mapping tool used to create mind maps for people to organize their thoughts and to brainstorm. It is suitable for students, professionals, artists, and anyone else looking for a tool to manage and present their ideas and thoughts in a better way. MindNode is compatible with all Apple platforms, including iPhone, Mac and iPad. It allows users to manage ideas in the form of nodes and to interconnect these nodes.

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15 Alternatives

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MindNode Quick Info

Mind maps are one of the greatest learning and memorizing tools ever created by mankind, and with the inception of computer systems and software, this technique of conceptualization has been given a digital upgrade. Unfortunately, Apple devices have been particularly exempted from the endowment of good examples of such software. This is where MindNode barges in with pomp. This is a beautiful example of a powerful brainstorming application that is designed to take advantage of Macintosh and iOS devices. MindNode is easy-to-use with a pure, uncluttered interface, which is uncommon in mind mapping software these days. Additionally, it has many features that not only make it a powerful diagrammatic learning tool, but also a platform which can be used to stay organized in every activity the user conducts. The user may also interact with others and share their views in a very readable format with MindNode.

A unique solution that makes thought management through mind mapping infinitely easier

MindNode has several qualities that make it distinctive in its usability and capabilities; For starters, its mind maps are incredibly easy to understand, contrary to confusing mind map outputs from other solutions. This is made possible by features like color coding, tabulation and arrangement of data and of course, by visual icons. Also, MindNode is faster than other solutions as the user can quickly enter their thoughts into the Quick Entry bar, and can arrange them later. Another uncommon but pleasantly-surprising feature of MindNode is its Tasks feature, which transforms it from a simple mind mapper to a task managing utility.

Exceptional uses for an exceptional application

MindNode is extremely useful for several purposes due to its features. It can be used as a tool for organizing all thoughts in a form that can be easily recognized later. It can be used as an aid to creativity within a team due to its sharing capabilities. It can be used by the user to be organized in their daily tasks and it can remind the user about any deadlines as well. This feature can also be used in project management and as a teamwork helper. 

Top Features

Core Features
  • Easy Mind Mapping
  • Ideas Visual Re-presentation
  • Central Thought
  • Central Grow
  • Brainstorming Tools
  • Organizing Ideas
  • Managing Projects
  • MAC Supported
  • iPhone & iPad Applications
  • Multiple Mind Maps
  • Infinite Canvas
  • Automated Arrangement
  • iCloud Drive
  • Exporting Mind Maps
  • Multiple Format Options

Company Information

Company Name: IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

Founded In: 2008

Address: , Vienna, Austria

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