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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform designed for mobile and web. It offers Engagement Plans and People Plans, with various pricing options: Free, Startup, Business, Growth, Premium, Commercial, and High Volume. It features audience segmentation, powerful targeting, funnel analysis, customer retention analysis, cohorts, customer behavior, detailed reports, people analytics, activity feeds, mobile surveys, and more.

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Mixpanel Quick Info

Choosing suitable analytics software for any business is essential. You can follow customer’s online pattern, explicitly their purchasing & engagement behaviour, so you can utilize this information to fuel your marketing and sales systems. Mixpanel can assist you in achieving this. It is an analytics tool intended for organizations to comprehend and engage the online client pattern.

This tool analyzes the steps your clients take to reach to any online application or website. It additionally tracks how users engage with the products and brands. Likewise, Mixpanel has the tools that make it easy to fix issues like obsolete or duplicate information with no coding or implementation changes. This can help you to provide the latest products always to clients.

No Technical Expertise

Since Mixpanel runs on Mobile Analytics, it implies you can write a query to fetch data without making SQL commands within your application's data. You don't have to bother about technical expertise to utilize Mixpanel, which is probably one reason why it's so well known.

Advanced Reports

Mixpanel's capacity to generate maintenance reports gives customers a better comprehension of their user base, which usually makes it more straightforward to design marketing strategies. Advanced reports can help you create a customer-oriented business strategy. Easily share data across the organization for more in-depth analysis using Mixpanel.

Data Governance

Effectively keep your data sorted from the beginning, and as your business develops. Ensure everybody in your organization has access to the information they trust, comprehends what the data means, and realizes how to build precise reports with information management.

Given there are heaps of features available with the free plan, small and medium-sized organizations can utilize Mixpanel for a positive outcome. They will have a clear picture of their customer and their online behavioural pattern. Once the business grows, one can opt for paid services as well.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Drill-down Data
  • Bookmarking Tool
  • Multiple Ways Visualization
  • Data Annotations
  • Answering Questions
  • Data Retention
  • App Usage Retention
  • Choosing Events
  • Retroactive Funnels
  • Re-engaging Customers
  • People Analytics
  • Profiles Customization
  • Searchable Profiles
  • Customer Profiles
  • Activity Feeds
  • User Notifications
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Mobile A/B Testing
  • Targeting Users
  • Push Notifications
  • Email & In-app Notifications
  • Scheduling Notifications
  • Targeted Notifications
  • Optimal Message

Company Information

Company Name: Mixpanel, Inc

Founded In: 2009

Address: 2nd Floor, 405 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: mixpanel

Twitter ID: mixpanel

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