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Monitis is an application monitoring program that monitors your servers, websites, applications, etc. The company was founded in the year 2006 and since then it is offering real time views, reports, and interactive charts of your websites along with custom plans. Additionally it includes more than 30 worldwide locations for providing monitoring services. It incorporates frequent checks intervals as short as 1 minute and it also provides archived performance history of 2 years.

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Monitis Quick Info

Monitoring your website is a very important task when you are handling business. It helps you to keep a track of how well your business is doing online and the necessary things you need to improve customer traffic. For this task, you can turn to Monitis.

Monitis, founded in 2006, is a US-based service provider that focuses on web and cloud monitoring services. Their services include website monitoring, site load tracking, transaction monitoring, etc. They're also known for the cloud services they provide. They offer a free trial for fifteen days where you are free to use all the available features. This way, you can test the waters before jumping right in. 

Who is Monitis for?

Monitis will be of great help to you if you are in the business or Information Technology fields. Monitis is intended to offer the necessary help to professionals like Business Executives, IT Specialists, and Service Providers.

If you are a Business Executive looking for monitoring service, Monitis offers you a critical monitoring combination. The main attraction of this would be the end-to-end web monitoring solution, which is cloud-based, to monitor the website's uptime. 

If you are an IT specialist looking for monitoring services, Monitis provides you with the essential monitoring solutions needed to fit your professional needs. They provide you with an all-in-one IT system monitoring. And this way you can always be in control and be able to observe all the things with a glimpse and avoid complexity. 

If you're a service provider looking for monitoring services, Monitis can be your best partner. Monitis allows you to boost your ROI, deliver the promised SLA and always stay on the top during the game. 

What are the available Products? 

There are four main products offered by Monitis. They include RUM, products for Website, Server, Application, Network, Custom and Mail Server.

RUM stands for Real User Monitoring and it focuses on collecting and compiling real information in order to present a solid result and ways to improve your website. Monitis offers special services for Websites. Their main focus is on monitoring the website and ensure a longer up-time.

Monitis offers tools for server maintenance, tools for monitoring application performance, tools for optimizing the network and managing downtime, and also tools for monitoring your mail server. Monitis also allows you to create your own custom monitors on an open platform. 

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Email Reports
  • Public Reports
  • Shared Pages
  • Public Widgets
  • Managing Accounts
  • Viewing Snapshots
  • Webmap Supported
  • Escalation Rules
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Simultaneous Monitoring
  • Multiple Uptime Monitors
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Monitoring Page Loads
  • Monitoring Transaction
  • Monitoring Server Uptime
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Custom Monitors
  • Testing Page Loads
  • Scenario Load Test
  • SMS & Call Alerts
  • Sub Accounts

Company Information

Company Name: Monitis US LLC

Founded In: 2006

Address: USA, 3001 North Rocky Point Drive East Suite 200, Tampa, Florida

Facebook ID: Monitis.Monitoring

Twitter ID: Monitis