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Motionmail is an interesting product developed by Web Advanced in recent times that helps business email marketing more effective. Motionmail easily integrates with leading marketing email software applications in place today. Motionmail helps organization display their upcoming schedules with minimal changes to the regular workflow of the enterprise.

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MotionMail Quick Info

Motionmail is an easy to use, adaptive feature for marketing firms to include for the email campaigns and event updates. This functionality is required as current marketing methods are time-consuming and do not provide an automated way to notify or update a customer. Motionmail fills this gap as a software value-add to inform the end-users about the latest information on products through the available business email chain. The best part of this functionality is just a simple software code that merges with the existing email system in place.

Scalable across different timezones

Motionmail helps enterprises send notifications through the existing email system without any discrepancy across global time limitation and standard. For example, the product highlights a given schedule or event with the same countdown clock be it the Asia Pacific, the United States or Australia. The geographical location of the customer is no deterrent to this application. Also the figure being displayed is precise and accurate marking the forthcoming instance be it a new event or meeting.

Self-styled way indicating the countdown

Motionmail clock synchronizes quickly with any kind of email framework to trigger customized information on an advertisement or new instances planned in the business. Also, it helps to build awareness on promotional activities like sending alarm on the date and time about brand building campaigns, all-hands-meet, corporate strategy initiatives and much more. The interesting aspect of the countdown display software includes different colors and formats. The metrics or analytics related to the timing sync software is also viewable to the user.

Changes the way business interaction happen

On the whole, Motionmail is a typical instrument to promote brand awareness by automating the way updates are being projected to remote customers. The legacy marketing strategies are catalyzed with this dynamic clock system. There is a marked change in the way people invite and join hands. Such a timer-based software system not only alarms users of specifics but also helps people stay aligned to the varying demand across the value chain. Motionmail is currently being adopted by most of the frontline firms to strengthen their sales output and value proposition.

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