Nagios XI

By: Nagios Enterprises, LLC

Nagios XI provides IT performance monitoring software with scalable and flexible platform. It features powerful monitoring engine, updated web interface, advanced graphs and visualizations, performance and capacity planning, configuration wizards, advanced infrastructure management, advanced user management, and more. The software helps to maximize revenue, reduce downtime, increase availability, increase ROI, increase efficiency, and increase productivity.

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Nagios XI

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Nagios XI Quick Info

Everyone is aware of the risks involved when you are working with servers and networks. And such servers become more attention-worthy if you are working for a client. Monitoring the network as well as servers very closely is the most important task for any organization. Even if the slightest alert or defect is missed that is happening on the server can result in very huge losses. If you want a standard software for all the infrastructure related monitoring services in your company, you should go for Nagios XI software. 

Why should you choose Nagios?

Nagios is very easy to deploy and maintain and provide you with a wonderful user interface that lets you customize everything as per the requirement. It is accessible by multiple users and has a very high and performance. You can completely depend on Nagios for monitoring all your services with keen attention to details.  

It is a very powerful engine that monitors every little detail and provides you with continuous mail alerts for every little change in all your server details. It has a very customizable and easy to work on the web interface that gives you detailed insights in the form of graphs and charts so that you can understand everything better. You can also get high-end and advanced services which can help you planning the capacity and managing the infrastructure very well. 

Nagios also provides a very advanced network analyzer and log server monitoring and management and a resolution tool to solve all the issues very easily. Also, Nagios lets you choose between the two different levels of license and editions. You can choose the standard or enterprise edition as per the requirement. 

Software requirements to work with Nagios

Nagios monitoring software can be installed only on the CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu or Debian only. You are also required to add a database like my SQL or Maria DB etc to it. And other basic system requirements to run Nagios is a dual-core CPU that might have RAM of at least 2 GB and 20 GB hard disk space. 

Top Features

  • Powerful Monitoring Engine
  • Scalable Monitoring
  • Updated Web Interface
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Hosts & Services Metrics
  • Network Devices Metrics
  • Advanced Graphs
  • Integrated Trending
  • Planning Capacity
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Viewing Network Incidents
  • Resolve Network Errors
  • Managing Infrastructure
  • Bulk Host Importing
  • Automated Decommissioning
  • Automated Discovery
  • Configuration Snapshots
  • Advanced User Management
  • Assigning Custom Roles
  • GUI Configuration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Custom User Dashboards
  • Custom User Views
  • Executive Summary Reporting
  • Dashboard Deployment
  • Custom Actions
  • Notification Escalations
  • SLA Reports
  • Scheduled Pages
  • Audit Logging

Company Information

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