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The Top Alternatives to Netbase Listen Includes Brand24, Socialbakers, SimplyMeasured, Mention and 11 other products in Social Media Analytics

By: NetBase Solutions, Inc

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15 Alternatives


Netbase Listen

15 Alternatives

Top Netbase Listen Alternatives


Netbase is a social media analytics platform with latest technology, worldwide reach, and VIP treatment. It features real-time social data visualization, create relevant social media content, analyze winning market share, high-performing campaign identification, track customer emotions, and more. It offers various products, including The Netbase Platform, Audience 3D, Engage and Publish, and The NLP Advantage.

Top Features

  • Real-time Social Information
  • Deep Insights
  • Patented Language Processing
  • Understanding Audiences
  • Craft Engaging Content
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Risk Management
  • Driving Revenue Growth
  • Unusual Activity Alerts
  • Social Media Dashboard
  • Brand Performance Measurement
  • Sharing Posts
  • Information Streams Visualization
  • High-level Campaign Performance
  • Managing Global Reputation


Overall Visibility Score 46.13

Score Influencers

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Company Information

Company Name: NetBase Solutions, Inc

Founded In: 2004

Address: 2087 Landings Drive, Mountain View, CA, USA