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Netigate is an enterprise software that allows users to undertake surveys through various platforms and displays effective data that helps the users to gauge different parameters. The application helps various organisations and companies to understand what works, helping them to make better and well-researched business decisions.

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Netigate Quick Info

The Netigate software has been optimised with powerful software and specialised algorithm to conduct insightful surveys, which provides users with quick and clear results. The developers of the application have designed it in a manner such that users of the Netigate platform always stay a step ahead of their competition, by analysing various market aspects clearly, which can be understood by conducting inclusive and penetrative market surveys.

Enterprise solutions

Netigate comes equipped with a variety of tools that can perform essential tasks such as create survey structures, send out the survey or the questionnaire via a wide choice of distribution methods and helps the users to analyse the survey data in real-time. While creating the list of survey questions, users can create their own specified and personalised list of questions, or can even select the questionnaires that have been already put up in the expansive Netigate library.

Accurate graphical interpretation

For analysing the data that is collected through the surveys, the advanced software provides powerful features based on cross-tabulated forms of data, ensuring that all the factors of the survey data are thoroughly scrutinised by the users. The results of the data can be provided in a visual format with the support of powerful graphical data as well. The graphical forms of data help the users to analyse the information with a far better grasp, allowing them to make well-informed decisions.


Netigate has carved itself a niche in the survey software market, with its innovative solutions for conducting effective and smooth surveys. The seamless integration into the CRM software of the client is a bonus that makes surveys easier than ever before. The software is used by Uber, Spotify, Deloitte, Adidas and many more world-renowned brands, because of its simplicity and an extensive focus on round the clock customer support.

Company Information

Company Name: Netigate

Founded In: 2005

Twitter ID: Netigate

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