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Allows you to filter various types of inappropriate content on the internet, including pornography, profanity, and social media. Has the highest-ranking parental control features.

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15 Alternatives

Top NetNanny Alternatives

NetNanny Quick Info

NetNanny is an online company concentrated on providing Internet safety solutions for various individual groups like a library, government, education, and several organizations. The company offers updated internet safety tools and devices, which are primarily designed for non-specialist users and consumers. However, the company’s product lineup contains various applications like content protect safety appliances, clean up content, home, and professional suites, etc, that help in providing authentic and understandable internet safety solutions available in the market today, thus making the networking a safe and manageable environment for organizations and families.

Netnanny is an innovative tool for various services like location tracking, website blocking, screen time limits, and pause options. Alternatively, NetNanny can be used for as content control software and by parents to block the unnecessary content or web graphics, to check screen time usage, and effectively manage settings by blocking several websites, to monitor and keep a track of their child’s actions over the internet.

Technical equipment and location tracking

Netnanny has been known to work with several latest operating systems like windows, macs, via android tablets and iOS devices with amazing compatibility to examine website activities on a real-time basis with the help of contextual functions. Netnanny helps its users to arrange and collect the updated information that is primarily based on the purpose of the website and its characteristics, despite the categories involved. It provides screen time limits and scheduling to keep a track of time spent on the websites by the children every day. The pause button pauses the video automatically on mobile devices or tablets, unlike other devices that control the only internet activity. The location tracking feature timely updates the child’s location on the map, responding to where the phone currently is. It works perfectly and effectively to determine someone’s location that otherwise might take hours to locate.

Content filtering and website blocking

Net Nanny’s content filtering feature controls the filters on various devices by eliminating access to various graphic scenes on the tablets and smartphones that are related to violence, suicide or other immature content. Net nanny blocks the scenes or videos that do not contain mature content or information. It provides high protection against such unacceptable videos and graphics that may cause safety issues later among the families or businesses. Website blocking, on the other hand, blocks certain websites and applications that rather does not contain grown-up content. The app blocking feature involves an alert option that automatically blocks access to the website that is found with an active alert option. 

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