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NetSpend provides MasterCard and Visa prepaid debit cards to users with fast and guaranteed approval. NetSpend prepaid cards give users the ability to pay money, receive money or make transactions easily anywhere, anytime. With no credit checks and no minimum balance requirement, anyone can get a prepaid card easily. NetSpend prepaid debit cards can be used with any merchant that accepts a standard visa or debit card.

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15 Alternatives

Top NetSpend Alternatives

NetSpend Quick Info

Netspend is a service that provides its users with prepaid cards that are easy to carry in place of actual cards and allow users to pay through them at any outlets accepting major debit/credit cards. Netspend has served over a million customers and can be refilled at hundreds of thousands of places spread throughout the United States of America. It can be booked online and delivered at your place within a week, along with all the paperwork, or users can buy it from famous chains like 7-11 and Walmart.

Your money, your choice

Netspend empowers users to load their cards with ease without any troubles by appreciating them to use Netspend card for direct deposit as they can receive the paycheck benefits up to a couple of days earlier. Coming to the topic of loading the card, it is easily possible to load the money in the card, even by using a check. Users just have to click a picture of the check with the amount written on it and upload it via the app. The amount will be credited in no time.

Apart from money deposit and loading options, users also get the liberty to send the money. They can send or receive in Netspend card from their friends and family without any issues. Other than all these features, Netspend ensures that its customers get the benefit of using their services from time to time, and therefore, regular users get cashback and promo offers on their card as they utilize it more. Users can also increase the balance of their card by referring Netspend to anyone they know. In case users are not using cards, they can put money aside in a savings account where it increases at a fixed rate.

What else?

It is common for users to fall short of a buck or two often while making their last purchase from a supermarket. Netspend covers them here as well by providing them with a $10 cover. Moreover, users can also get their cards designed with a custom image on the card, and even if their card gets stolen, it can be blocked on reporting, and all the balance lost will be provided to the user. The smartphone app of Netspend also helps them tracking and managing finances.

Want a smart prepaid card? Netspend is one of the most reliable solutions out there.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Personalized Card
  • Online & Store Purchases
  • Withdrawing Cash
  • Paying Bills & Rents
  • Deposit & Transaction History
  • Paying Online Bills
  • Budget Creation
  • Budget Planning Tools
  • Transactions Alerts
  • Mobile Application
  • Direct Deposit
  • Bank Account Transfers
  • Paypal Transfer
  • Mobile Check Loading
  • Card Account Transfers
  • Reloading Packs
  • Tax Refunds

Company Information

Company Name: NetSpend Corporation

Founded In: 1999

Address: Austin, Texas, USA

Facebook ID: netspend

Twitter ID: NetSpend

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