New Relic APM

By: New Relic, Inc

New Relic APM provides application performance monitoring software with trusted, secured, and reliable platform. It provides application monitoring, database monitoring, team collaboration, availability and error monitoring, security, transaction tracing, cross-application tracing, and more. The application monitoring system includes application response times, application histograms and percentiles, most time-consuming transactions, performance of external services, and thread profile.

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New Relic APM

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New Relic APM Quick Info

They help customers and clients deal with their businesses in the smartest ways possible with the most excellent programs available and a dedicated team and staff always read as the backbone of the plans and programs. It is drastic and dedicated planning required for crises and undying and constant planning of large projects which have brought them at this stage.

Innovation and you combined 

They need to induce a touch of strategic innovation and plan according to the worst and best-case scenarios in every situation. It is not only their constant hard-work and personal endeavor to revolutionize the workspace. It is their digital prone and life-changing ideas and electric thinking which helps them brainstorm and produce results that shall not only help them negate any possibility of error but also help them produce drastically swift wins that are not ephemeral.

Insights and experience

They provide struggling as well as experienced teams with beneficial insights in software development which profits them also helps them in preventing malfunctions of the same. They have a dedicated team set up only for their companies and associated which work with them. They have an unquestionable reputation set up only for the maintenance of the growth curve which leads to the creation of great results that can’t be polarized by erroneous software programming.

Software teams and everything you don’t know

Heavy software designs with complex programming designs enabling the best performance of the product and remarkable sales results which enable the best days of the sales and marketing team working vigorously on software aren’t born in a day. They are quenched and made and molded into the perfect software design after relentless practice, time and action are taken care of by expert and qualified leadership teams at Relic.


Top Features

Application Monitoring
  • Application Response Times
  • Application Histograms & Percentiles
  • Time Consuming Transactions
  • External Services Performance
  • Tracing Cross-application
  • Tracing Transactions
  • Tracking Business Transactions
  • Transaction Breakdown
  • X-Ray Sessions
  • Thread Profiles
  • JVM Performance Analyzer
  • Service Maps
  • Performance Data API
  • Deployment Analysis & History
  • Availability & Error Monitoring
  • Alert Policies
  • Monitoring Availability
Database Monitoring
  • Database Calls Time
  • Calls Response Time
  • SQL Query Analysis
  • Slow SQL Reporting
  • Filtering Database
  • Viewing & Searching Database
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Deployments Dashboard
  • Availability Reporting
  • Capacity Reports
  • Host Usage Reporting
  • Scalability & SLAs
Collaboration & Security
  • Adding Notes & Comments
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools
  • SOC2 Audited Compliance
  • Secured Data Center
  • Security Configuration
  • Continuous Monitoring

Company Information

Company Name: New Relic, Inc

Founded In: 2008

Address: 188 Spear 12th Floor, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: NewRelic

Twitter ID: NewRelic