By: Next Bee Corporation

Nextbee offers refer a friend program, loyalty program, customer retention program and much more. They don’t just offer the referral system but also have a team of account managers, designers and web developers. The platform is customisable and easy to integrate. There are many advanced features system has to offer including smart trigger which try to notify vendors is there is a customer retention issue. The platform also offers mobile apps and can be integrated with several CRM apps.

Top Ten Nextbee alternatives are (1) ReferralCandy (2) Ambassador (3) InviteReferrals (4) S Loyalty (5) Talkable (6) InviteBox (7) Sideqik (8) SocialTwist (9) RewardStream and (10) Forewards

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Nextbee Alternatives

Company Information

Company Name: Next Bee Corporation

Founded In: August 30, 2007

Address: 2795 E Bidwell St #100-247, Folsom, CA, USA

Facebook ID: NextBee.Media

Twitter ID: nextbee