Provides free software that allows you to create app wireframes and website mockups. It features icons and images, custom stencils, vector graphics, page link visual indicators, copying and pasting, pasting graphics, team collaboration, project management, and more. The team collaboration feature offers mockup sharing, comments, page statuses, export to PDF/PNG, and export to HTML.

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NinjaMock Quick Info

NinjaMock is a tool used by app developers, designers, and business analysts to create wireframes. The wireframe shows how you want your website or app to look like. It acts as a blueprint for website designers or front end team in any organization to build a website.

Keeping it simple, supportive and plain

NinjaMock has a simple UI that makes simple things easy to master, and it also supports complex activities. A user can evolve his simple wireframe into workflow designs with the help of tools in NinjaMock.

To get a designer a better idea about his wireframe design, NinjaMock allows comments and external reviews.

The wireframe design is kept sketchy and plain on purpose because experimenting with realistic can get a lot messier, while in sketchy design, everything is easy to spot out and change, which in turn will make a designer work faster.

Features that make you choose the Ninja way

NinjaMock has Complete Wireframe Toolbox, which is equipped with all the tools required for designing mobile apps and web designs in iOS, Android, and even Web.

Vector Editor Tool is an exclusive feature through which a designer can use shapes, curve paths, or even freehand drawings to visualize freely.

Comments allow you to receive feedback from external reviewers so that you can further improve your wireframe design.

Export allows you to export your wireframe model in png, HTML, or pdf formats. Smart visual links by NinjaMock make sure that wireframes printed on page look linked or in a flow.

Project Management allows designers access to a cloud-based file system, which lets them store and organize multiple wireframes they are working on.

Sharing allows you to share your wireframe projects for usability test on any device. You can also decide which wireframes can be reviewed by external reviewers and which cannot be.

Pricing and Final Word

Premium versions of NinjaMock differ from free one just in providing a feature to keep your wireframes private. Of all the wireframe building tools available, NinjaMock stands out in delivering users with most features without any cost and lets them grow their application in the best way possible.

Top Features

Wireframe Editor
  • Icons & Images
  • Embedding Icons
  • Icon Finder
  • Manual Drawn Icons
  • Custom Stencils
  • Vector Graphics
  • Lining Tool
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Ellipse Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Path Editing Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Hand Tool
  • Generic Shapes
  • Page-link Visual Indicators
  • Copying & Pasting
  • Pasting Graphics
  • Data Sharing
  • Comments Management
  • Page Status
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Exporting to HTML
Project Management
  • Page Grouping
  • Projects Folders

Company Information

Company Name:

Founded In: 2013

Address: Brofogedvej 10/2, Denmark, Copenhagen

Facebook ID: NinjaMock

Twitter ID: ninjamock