By: Notion Labs, Inc.

Notion App is an all-in-one tool for workspace managing and collaborating notes, work-tasks, wikis, and databases. Accessible over most browsers, this application is uniquely capable of collaborating notes & documents, knowledgebases, task & project management, spreadsheets & database files, along with complex workflow management. It is one of the best substitute for Evernote and even provides free services to students and educators. It is backed by 100% encrypted cloud connection, and even supports SAML SSO.



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Top Features

  • All-In-One Tool
  • Unique Editor
  • Work Offline
  • Multiple Devices Access
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Bulk Export
  • Get Professional Support
  • Free For Students
  • No Distractions
  • Push Notifications

Company Information

Company Name: Notion Labs, Inc.