It is common knowledge that a strong online presence and branding will go a long way in helping any business grow regardless of its nature and scale. Nuvi is an excellent companion for your business in its journey to the top as it is the best way for you to establish a more prominent, consistent image in the interweb.

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Nuvi Quick Info

Nuvi is your easy way out to manage and promote your brand online. It lets you give your customers a personalised experience, responsive customer service, clear messaging, creative content and much more. Nuvi also makes managing multiple business aspects like multilocation marketing, internal coordination, reporting etc a breeze.

Listen before you leap

It is extremely important for you to keep an eye out for customer response, competition and trends. That is why Nuvi provides you with real time tracking of

Trends, influencers, competitors’ top activities etc on social media and other websites. Set instant alerts for your brand and analyse the performance of your campaigns, products in real-time. Listen in on the conversation and engage in meaningful interaction with your target audience as Nuvi provides you information according to gender, location, customer sentiment, their influence etc.

Creativity and Collaboration

Nuvi’s Plan, Publish and Capture gives you great flexibility and out of the box content creation opportunities. Empower all your employees to create creative content on the go with the camera app which clicks HIPAA or General Media & Marketing Release compliant pictures. Nuvi also lets you coordinate work between different departments better by letting you assign work and compiling it in one place so that you can examine all your schedules and plan in a glance. Nuvi also helps you communicate better with your employees by tagging them, sending scheduled reminders etc. Go beyond the ordinary and create your own unique workflow which is perfect for you using all these tools at your disposal.


Constantly evolve your brand by adjusting and fine tuning your efforts. Aided by real-time reporting and Nuvi Listen, you can generate customised detailed reports which lets you monitor your performance in real-time. Clear visualisations and constant monitoring help you identify any inconsistencies which can be easily fixed. It also enables A-B testing for your campaigns and also lets you have an awareness of your competition by keeping tabs on them as well.

Company Information

Company Name: NUVI

Founded In: 2005

Twitter ID: nuvi

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