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OneUp is a platform that allows users to automate the posting and recycling of their social media posts as per their preferences. It works for all the major social media platforms, which include – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business. Users get to decide the time between posts, and also the frequency of posts, thus, giving them the liberty to handle their social media accounts in their way without investing a lot of time and effort. Some of the famous brands that rely on OneUp are – Sonic, the YMCA, and Honda.

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OneUp Quick Info

With the increase in eCommerce and the heavy influence of social media on the users, businesses and individuals have stepped up the game and taken the trade to various social media platforms. This strategy helps them grow their user base as they can influence more and more people by posting and sharing their content timely. While it does work, organizations need to make sure that they manage the posts as well as operations, and this is where OneUp comes in the game. It allows users to manage their multiple social media accounts from one platform and gain more customers with ease.

Get one step ahead

OneUp sets its users one step ahead of their competitors by providing them with an advantage of Social Media Management over others. With OneUp, users get the liberty to decide the proper time for posting their content. The platform is accessible via web and even allows users to manage their posts on social media accounts in an interactive manner. The admin of the accounts can log in through the platform and even categorize the accounts and posts based on their content, then schedule different posts at different times.

When scheduling a post, they also get to decide if they want to repeat the post in the near future. This feature is specifically useful in cases when an organization wants to run an online campaign requesting users to join and try their online services. Another exciting part of all this is the sorting feature. Sorting by category not only separates the posts but also allows users to schedule the posts within that category.

Done for the day?

Scheduling posts of different categories on different dates display diversity in posts of organizations and keeps their feed interactive. While scheduling posts, users are not restricted for the day or 2 when they post, they get a calendar view, which allows them to schedule the posts in advance for even up to the whole month. All users have to do is to ensure that they keep their content uploaded and ready. Worried about upload limits now? Not a problem with OneUp as it allows bulk uploading without any issues.

To sum it up, OneUp is an excellent Social Media Management platform to manage multiple social media accounts and posts on them at once without any issues.

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Company Name: OneUp

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