By: Ontraport, Inc.

Ontraport is a small business CRM system that helps to simplify your business and automate your marketing tasks. It features ONTRAPORT mobile CRM, ONTRAmail, coupon codes, affiliate system, order forms, business automation, ONTRApages, API integration, and more. There are two pricing options available: Pro and Team, with monthly payment plan.

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Ontraport Quick Info

As time passes by, the outreach of a company keeps increasing. The system with which the company used to manage its assets and relationships initially no longer seems to work in later stages. For a company to run successfully, it has to organize a lot of campaigns and manage a lot of user-data. With changing times, the old methodologies of a company will prove to be redundant somewhere in the future. Talking about productivity, wouldn't it be very helpful if there were a way of managing things regardless of how much the company scales? Well, Ontraport is just a perfect solution.

A common platform for tools

Ordinarily, one needs to send emails via a messaging software, manage campaigns through response from embedded trackers, manage customer relationships via CRM software, and so on. Well, Ontraport has got everything required for marketing right within itself. So, there's no need for wandering elsewhere for managing the marketing of a product/service. Ontraport does a lot of work in the background, thus saving a person from the task of managing the several intricate details all by himself. Track the complete journey of customers, from their registration to their purchase of services, right within Ontraport. Track all that's important without breaking a sweat.

All data in one common platform

It is always advised to spend only on promising sources to get a higher return on investment. With Ontraport, one can identify what works best for his company, and what does not. Ontraport generates reports with deep insights that can make the ball fall in the court. Learn what suits best for the audience, and create content tailored for them. Based on the current proceedings of a company, Ontraport can generate future predictions about sales and other metrics. With so much of data-driven information at hand, a company can easily turn the tables. 

Manage all CRM related issues single-handedly

Customise the look of emails to reach out to potential customers. Ontraport is designed to scale. Enhance customer engagement with interactive forms and landing pages. Ontraport even comes with the option of creating personalized membership sites.

Top Features

  • Lead Capturing
  • Orders Pages Creation
  • Collecting Leads
  • Collecting Clients Information
  • Custom Template
  • Customizable Web Forms
  • Integrated Wordpress
  • Customizable Membership Websites
  • Integrated Facebook
  • Spliting Testing
  • Multi-channel Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Two-way SMS Messaging
  • Marketing Postcard
  • Tracking Marketing
  • Referral Program Management
  • Order Forms Creation
  • One-click Upselling
  • Managing Leads & Scores
  • Managing Tasks
  • Follow-up Abandoned Cart
  • CRM Integration
  • Business Automation
  • Custom Objects
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Mobile Application
  • Open API Access
  • Integration Apps

Company Information

Company Name: Ontraport, Inc.

Founded In: 2006

Address: 2040 Alameda Padre Serra #220, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Facebook ID: ontraport

Twitter ID: ontraport


Ideal For
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Cloud