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Order Metrics is a tool that helps in growing your business by doing automatic profit calculations and reporting. It improves the marketing of your business. It also helps in reducing the cost involved in the shipping process. It provides you with accurate data so that you can make worthy decisions. This will help in capturing more customers.

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Order Metrics

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Order Metrics Quick Info

Every business requires the proper calculation of its profits. The correct analytics can lead to an increase in the growth of the business. Order metrics work in this field of analysis and calculations.

Profit Analytics

Order metrics provide you with real-time data that will help you in making profitable decisions. It monitors the performance of your marketing and profit. It has the facility of automatic input of data from various sources. It considers the costs related to shipping, advertisements, refunds, discounts, etc. to calculate the profit. The complete process is performed automatically by the software. It gives you alerts and notifications about the performance on a daily basis. You can also determine that which of your campaigns are performing well and bringing in business and which are not with the help of Order Metrics.

The dashboard of Order Metrics

It is a user-friendly dashboard that has the option of finding out the lifetime value of a customer. It has the provision of multi-channel currency conversion. It also displays which orders have brought business and made more profit. It also tells you about the shipping cost of the orders. You only need to connect your ad-accounts to Order Metrics. Then input the cost of shipping and transactions that you may want to include.


It helps in the optimization of marketing campaigns. You can determine the working of an ad campaign with the help of this tool. It also helps in finding out what a customer is worth. It has integrated many storefronts that helps you in performing profit analysis by synchronizing your data with these e-commerce platforms. The integration of advertising networks has led to managing the analysis of your ad campaigns. You can match and compare your shipping cost with the help of various shipping integration done by Order Metrics.

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