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osCommerce allows you to set up a self-hosted online store to sell your products worldwide. It offers more than 7,000 free add-ons to enhance the functionality of the software. You can download this software for free, which you can install on a server with PHP v4+ and MySQL v3+. According to official website, the product is used by more than 250,000 users online. The software is one of the oldest open source shopping cart software online. OSCommerce is an integration framework that enables effective business liaison between digital sellers and their buyers. This innovative platform is a dynamic software backend tool to process merchandise and provide supplementary services to mid-scale enterprises. The features inclusive in this application are developed with standard software coding technologies.

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osCommerce Quick Info

Setting up an E-Commerce website of your own has a lot of work included. Managing all the stores and commodities is enough stress and maintaining a website for that is an additional task. osCommerce will help you in maintaining every aspect of an e-commerce website. While working with osCommerce, you won’t have to worry about the payment-related services that you have to provide to your customers. 

OSCommerce supports multiple software interfaces and user-level elements for the digital shopping sites to stay relevant to the user requests. The platform serves application-oriented requirements of both the online purchasers and the software backhaul the enterprise can support. Small businesses that don’t have wide-spread physical outlets and highly dependent on digital sales targets may opt for this robust product. The framework is compatible and flexible to accommodate any customization that web outlets prefer to implement to gain customer focus, promote brand awareness, and maximize user base.

Why osCommerce is the best for website development?

osCommerce provides you the facility to build a beautiful E-Commerce website and you can also host your website as well as an online store for free. Without having any second thoughts about security because they provide the best security. Along with this day have more than a thousand add-ons that are completely free and beneficial for your online e-Store. 

Scalable options to manage deals

The application helps online retailers to synchronize with any payment exercising agents, intermediaries, and financial supply chain vendors. Extensive technical interface elements and utilities are leveraged to get off-shore transactions to succeed easily. Failure and delay due to premise-oriented factors like varying geographies, mismatch in conversion value, and time zones are eliminated. Automated updating of completed transactions and receipts are sent through the mail to the buyer. Modes ranging from credit, debit, block-chain oriented, normalized banking, and mobile application based utilities are enabled for payment. Vulnerable points along the channel of pay are guarded using rugged security protocols in place. 

Payment related problems are safely sorted

You can also set up a secure PayPal payment gateway which is completely secure to provide the facility of online transactions to your customers. Other payment gateways include G2A and Sagepay. These integrations help you to start accepting payments as soon as you launch the website.

Why trust osCommerce?

Because osCommerce collaborates with leading and expert businesses, you have a secured service for everything related to payment, hosting, order management, developing and banking. Also, osCommerce provides lots of templates that are very easy to use and you can create a great website using these templates. With the help of osCommerce, you can rest assured with both frontends as well as backend activities. It provides a good front end website with a very user-friendly interface along with the backend that is highly customizable and one can handle it very easily with the great configuration that they have. 

User-specific platform development

Preferences related to discounts and the number of items selected in the portal are customized to suit a buyer. Fonts, styles, drop-down menus, and user-specific representative models are coded with flexible programming techniques. The platform offers a robust software development environment to use efficient algorithms to ease use. Password protection with encryption is featured with efficient code. Another software driver notifies about deserted items selected but not paid for, are listed under the user’s profile in the history page. The right upgraded version to make use of a utility is documented and can be readily downloaded.

Steps to attract visitors instantly

The application provides software compatibility to project best items on sale, trending articles on sale, and direct link from the homepage to the transaction site. Predictions for ideal keywords and apt terms to be used to land on the category of choice are pre-built. Articles or items that are not left out anymore are shown as alarm the buyer. Equivalence to different monetary standards is articulated at once. Attractive strategies like vouchers, gifts for pre-defined amounts of purchase are supported. Customer participatory initiatives like events and schedules are lined upfront in the site using eye-catchy formats like stripe and scroll.   

Victory story of osCommerce

osCommerce started its operation approximately 20 years ago and since it started working at has launched over 20,000 websites that are currently live on the web and all of these customers trust them because of the high-quality services that it provides. They have a very large community of approximately 3.5 lakh members and 1.7 million different forum postings. 

Top Features

  • Self-hosted Online Store
  • Open Source Code
  • Easy Shipping Modules
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Integration Solution for Amazon/Ebay
  • Lightweight Template System
  • Thirdparty Themes
  • Open Source Commitment
  • Security Audit
  • Catalog Frontend
  • Administration Tool Backend
  • Web-based Installation

Company Information

Company Name: osCommerce

Address: Remscheider Str. 96, Solingen, Germany

Facebook ID: osCommerce


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Small Business
Pricing Model
  • Free Download
  • On Premise

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