By: Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.

OSMonitor is an employee tracking software that works over tracking and blocking any workstation. It works on an invisible mode and provides screenshots, emails, exploring files and stopping them as necessary. It also sends reports to the employers and helps in managing time during the work hours. The software needs to be connected through a network and the employer keeps in touch with the worker’s actions.

Top alternatives to OSMonitor

  • Refog
  • StaffCop
  • SentryPC
  • Workexaminer
  • Spector360
  • Teramind
  • Activity monitor
  • HT Employee Monitor
  • iMonitor EAM
  • InterGuard
  • Pearl Echo.Suite
  • Browser Reporter
  • NetNanny
  • Qustodio
  • Norton Family


15 Alternatives

Top OSMonitor Alternatives

Top Features

  • Screenshots & Camera-shots
  • Tracking Visited Websites
  • Viewing IM Chats
  • Recording Email
  • Tracking File
  • Tracking Application Usage
  • Tracking Bandwidth Usage
  • Blocking Applications
  • Blocking Websites
  • Blocking Keywords
  • Blocking USB Port
  • Allowing White-listed Programs
  • Remotely Accessing Desktop
  • Remotely Restart & Shutdown
  • Storaging Documents
  • Viewing Installed Softwares
  • Sending User-defined Messages
  • Monitoring & Recording Changes
  • Viewing Application Process
  • High-Quality Reports
  • Visited Website Reports
  • Screenshots History Reports
  • Email Monitoring Reports
  • Files Backup Reports
  • Running Application Report
  • File Reports

Company Information

Company Name: Wangya Computer Co., Ltd.