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If you are in search of a new age accounting solution for your business, the Pandle is the best fit for you. Possessing the state of the art ML technology available for accounting, it offers you a highly automated way of handling your work. Utilize the tools in hand to organize and manage your accounts better and even strategize for your future expansion- because Pandle can help you do it all.

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Pandle Quick Info

Pandle is the ultimate accounting solution for your business. It handles and automates a huge chunk of your business operations, generates important reports, manages invoicing and payments and much more. It also is a new generation intuitive software- it will take a lot of work off your shoulders and do it the way you want it.

Banking made intuitive

Pandle lets you import transactions from banks, PayPal and Stripe automatically every month. Organize your records better by categorizing them- something Pandle will start doing for you intelligently thanks to its inherent machine learning features, which make it very intuitive. Pandle also allows user to import their transactions from banks and other places in bulk- saving time and effort to record and categorize them manually. Establish bank rules which would govern how you handle the transactions and their data and let Pandle work for you. Eventually, Pandle’s ML will learn how you operate and will handle it for you in the way you want to.

Advanced Invoicing and quotations

Effortlessly generate and manage attractive invoices which can be assigned to the correct person automatically by Pandle. Pandle also lets you send bulk invoices to certain people regularly via its automation. You can also send them customizable Payment Reminder emails as well. Pandle Pay lets people pay directly through the invoice itself which results in more prompt payments. You can also allot credit limits for your customers, adjust for overpayments when requires, categorize some customers into groups etc to make your operations easier. Pandle also let you create and send quotations on the fly.

All in one accounting feature

Pandle is essentially the swiss army knife of accounting features. It lets you monitor your projects, upload and manage any kind of receipt, add accountant’s notes etc. It also can handle recurring payments on its own- generating the invoice, adjusting for any changes, automatically updating the accounts and more. You can save time by editing multiple records by using Pandle’s bulk editing tools (which Pandle can learn and later do it without your intervention as well). Maintain separate accounts for multiple companies yet still be able to view the overall performance if need be.

Cash Flow Forecasting and other reports

Peruse a lineup of all sorts of reports covering different aspects of a business. One of the most standout features of Pandle is itsPandle Pro exclusive Cash Flow Forecasting which lets you set future goals and lets you know where you currently stand by showing the current trends. The ability to enable you to set achievable yet ambitious goals and strategies to achieve them.

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