Pandora FMS

By: Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas

Pandora FMS provides monitoring software designed for IT infrastructure management. It features centralized resource management, service monitoring, fault and event management, event correlation system, CLI management, virtual infrastructure and cloud computing, business process monitoring, and more. It offers various plugins in various categories, including application monitoring, operating system, security monitoring, artwork, network monitoring, and inventory.

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Pandora FMS

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Top Features

  • Monitoring Business Activities
  • Real-time Business Views
  • Correlate Individual Transactions
  • Process Measurement
  • Monitoring Performance Indicators
  • Custom Personal Dashboard
  • Integrated Information
  • Service Level Monitoring
  • Identifying Service Performance
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Real-time Services Measurement
  • Mapping Services
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Monitoring Databases
  • Community Plugins Supported
  • Unified Monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Automated Topology Maps

Company Information

Company Name: Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas

Founded In: 2005

Address: 7th Alberto Aguilera 3rd Floor, Madrid, Spain

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