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Pantheon is a perfect hosting solution for Wordpress beginners and expert developers. Pantheon Wordpress hosting is famous for its fast and reliable services and efficient customer support. With an easy-to-manage dashboard, you can control all your Wordpress websites and applications and manage various services including coding part, domains, SSL, backups, security, errors and workflow. Some noticeable features include developer tools and distributed, horizontally scalable infrastructure for best performance.

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Pantheon Quick Info

Pantheon is a platform that provides web hosting and web operations. It helps in the maintenance and repair work of web applications and systems. It supports small as well as big businesses in the operation and deployment of web-based systems. It ensures that the end-users can get the work done and with compliance.

How does it help in WebOps?

It provides the Agile network capability to reduce the risks. Pantheon gives you the provision of experimenting and hence allows you to make changes. It allows you to publish freely because of the working of the cross-functional teams. It omits the manual handling of backups and tests by automating the complete process. It makes the complex structure a simple one.

Pantheon’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Pantheon as a platform keeps on improving according to the evolvement and the need of a customer. The developers at Pantheon are in constant touch with the customers to have their inputs and demands. They use their WebOp tools and optimize with the help of those tools. These tools also help in designing websites and launching them. It does help in the optimization process of campaigns so that they can be improved accordingly for better performance. It allows the online publishing of the content by the marketers without the hurdles involved in waiting for the backlogs.

Web Hosting by Pantheon

The platform provided by Pantheon has a very high speed that helps in running your sites on fast hosting platform. It gives you the facility of Drupal hosting, which means you get a hosting plan that includes Drupal and compatibility with the content management system. The development tools available with Pantheon enables you to create websites on time. It has the HTTPS security feature. You can monitor the process continuously.

Pantheon- A genuine and powerful platform

This platform has the version control feature that enables the dashboard to automatically detect any changes made in the developing phase. This helps in a direct commit that is the saving of the changes in the local place. It provides you with a cloud development environment. It speeds up the developing and storing processes. The three environments namely, Dev, Test, and Live, helps in a continuous workflow. This means to develop a site, test it, and finally publish it.

Top Features

  • Streamlined Development Workflow
  • Managing Websites
  • Managing Team Members
  • Updates in One-Click
  • Automated Site Audits
  • Site Crash Reports
  • Controlling SFTP Development
  • Relic Monitoring Configuration
  • Protect Denial Service
  • Protect Network Intrusion
  • Permissions Based on Roles
  • SAML Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • PCI Compliance
  • Anti Virus
  • Secured Infrastructure
  • Isolation Resource
  • Automated Website Monitor
  • Anti Malware
  • Employee Administrative Access
  • Response Vulnerabilities & Incident
  • Secured Data Center
  • Customer Content Durability
  • Data Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • US-EU Safe Harbor
Version Control & Workflow
  • Using Verson Control
  • Continuous Integration
  • Git Flow & Branching
Website Management
  • Container Platform
  • Automated Infrastructure
  • Developers Console
  • CMS Software
Advanced Caching
  • Reverse-Proxy Cache
  • Application Object Cache
  • Tuned Application & Database

Company Information

Company Name: Pantheon Systems, Inc.

Founded In: 2010

Address: 717 California St., San Francisco, California, USA

Facebook ID: getpantheon

Twitter ID: getpantheon