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Pathbrite provides showing creations, development of digital gallery, making job applications, and portfolio based services to various organizations and online entrepreneurs. It helps student in development of a successful portfolio to boost their success and increase the intuitive teaching and learning ability to ingrowths. It supplies the software that enables the drag drop features to add/remove images, videos and media to create precise portfolio. Pathbrite offers pre designed featured theme where one can add the digital items that is compatible on various devices.

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Pathbrite Quick Info

In the world of tough competitions, showcasing your work can help you to get your hands on a better opportunity. Pathbrite is one of such platforms that lets you upload your work and showcase it through a digital portfolio. It is available for every individual. It doesn't matter if it is a student or teacher. Basically, Pathbrite is a technology company that deals with education. It was founded in 2008 and is based out of San Francisco. 

What Pathbrite is?

Recently the focus shifted to provide more attention to the teachers. And now they have a separate column, especially for the teachers called the “Portfolios for Educators”. Individuals can still upload their work on the platform. This work can include anything from resumes to articles any kind of documentation. All the type of work that is done by that individual which is of a photo format, video format or even transcripts. 

The teachers can create a specific account where we can create different types of courses; teachers are also allowed to attach different types of activities in that course and can also track the reports of the students. It also provides analytical tools both for teachers as well as individuals. The individual can use these insights to get an idea of the type of work which is being engaged more

What do I need to pay?

It is completely free for an initial basis. You can register yourself with Pathbrite and create different portfolios. But for the individuals to access different types of courses on Pathbrite that are made available by a different type of mentors, a fee of rupees $10 has to be paid annually. There is also an option for the schools to register and get a license of the product so that their students can get free access to the courses available on Pathbrite. 

As per the latest records, more than a hundred schools are collaborating with Pathbrite to provide access to the different types of courses to their students. And most of the schools are using this service to give access to post-secondary students. 

Top Features

Core Features
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Capturing & Sharing Portfolios
  • Simple Drag-n-Drop Tools
  • Showcase Process & Results
  • Tracking Learning & Growth
  • Drag-n-Drop Images & Videos
  • Cloud Documents & Presentations
  • LinkedIn Recommendations
  • Web Linking
  • Audio Recording
  • Adding Comments & Feedbacks
  • Editing Portfolio
  • Managing Users & Courses
  • Multiple Portfolio Templates

Company Information

Company Name: Pathbrite Inc.

Founded In: 2012

Address: 580 Howard Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, CA, USA

Facebook ID: Pathbrite

Twitter ID: Pathbrite

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