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PeekYou provides the free and easy people search engine that you can use to find information about friends, colleagues, and relatives on the web. You can find the information about anyone by entering their full name, username, or phone number. This tool is designed to help you find family members, reconnect with friends, find old classmates, find contact information, and get in touch with anyone. PeekYou performs its people search function by connecting to various places on the web, such as social media, white pages, emails, and more.

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Peek You

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Peek You Quick Info

Would you like to connect with old companions? Maybe a co-worker, former neighbor, school, or college friend from childhood?  Whatever the reason might be, looking on Facebook or Google may not provide the best outcomes you need. PeekYou is like Google for individuals searching for their long-lost friends. Rather than searching through keywords on a various search engine, in PeekYou, you can directly search based on first name, last name, or location. 

PeekYou has an extensive network. It has an analysis of more than 1 billion websites and links to provide accurate results. The site lets you search your companions or family by complete name or username. You will be surprised at what you find! PeekYou can assist you with finding tragically deceased relatives, old colleagues, and companions you have lost contact with.


PeekYou is robust, offering exceptional features other than looking by first or last name. As stated above, individuals can look by screen names or usernames as well. Users can likewise look by area or refine their searches to a specific area, and search by keywords or tags.

Wide Information

What makes PeekYou so remarkable is the amount of data they have on individuals. They show pictures, links to a blog RSS feed, links to Facebook, Instagram, and much more. It gathers and consolidates scattered data from social media sites, homepages, news sources, and blogs to present exhaustive online details. 


PeekYou maintains sensible regulatory, physical, and technical security to help protect data about you from theft, loss, unauthorized, and misuse access. They will never disclose any personal or bank details. PeekYou enables people with the chance to be unlisted so nobody can search for them.

With more than 6 million monthly visitors and one of the top-500 sites in the US, PeekYou is where you can search your loved ones without any fee. Browse the website today, and seek your dear ones.

Top Features

  • Free People Search
  • Public Web Content
  • Safe & Secure
  • Easy cancellation
  • Connected Social Sites
  • Search By Name
  • Get Current Location

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