Pega BPM

By: Pegasystems Inc.

Pega is Business Process Management (BPM) software that enables users to automate most of their business processes and tasks. Pega is a mobile-compatible and cloud-based automation software for case management, decision handling, sales force automation and much more. Pega BPM services and features include business cost reduction, efficient business-IT collaboration, programming automation, work automation, user engagement across multiple channels, enterprise-ready applications, analytics reports and many more.

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Pega BPM

15 Alternatives

Top Pega BPM Alternatives

Top Features

Core Features
  • Enterprise Apps Visually
  • Omni-Channel Experiences
  • Wrap & Renew Applications
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Managing Case
  • Automated Business Process
  • Orchestrate Work
  • Building & Modifying Apps
  • Business Silos Visibility
  • Orchestrated Regulatory Compliance
  • Cloud Server
  • Live Data
  • Global Data Governance
  • Open APIs & Connectors
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Real-Time Test & Learn
  • Big Data Monetization
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Data Visualization & Simulation
  • Machine Health
  • Ingesting High-Volume Event
  • Ingesting Data Streams
  • Mobile Application
  • Users Visibility & Control
  • Offline Access

Company Information

Company Name: Pegasystems Inc.

Founded In: 1983

Address: One Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA, USA

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