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Performance Management from PeopleFluent is an application designed with the aim of increasing employee engagement and interest in the company goals. It offers employees the right motivation by connecting the dots between employee performance and organization success. Its features include feedback anytime, anywhere, designed to fit any process, highly-configurable workflows, rating scales, forms, multi-rater controls, detailed talent profiles, cascading & unrestricted goals, and in depth reporting.

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15 Alternatives

Top PeopleFluent Alternatives

PeopleFluent Quick Info

PeopleFluent is a talent management software that lets the employers employ the best candidates, provide them with the right kind of training so that they perform best and reach their potential, which increases the efficiency of organizations as a whole alongside employees being able to accomplish their professional goals.

Keeping everything fluent

PeopleFluent is a highly flexible software as several kinds of organizations can use it without any issue. It can be used in hospitals, colleges, IT companies, or any other type of office as it allows users to take control of the workflow designs and evaluations to fit as per their organization goals effectively. Planning this way also helps organizations point out the deficiencies in the current system and fill the skill gaps of existing employees or hire new ones with a specialized skill set to move ahead.

The software also makes it easy to manage tasks and meet deadlines by assigning tasks to users that are specifically suited to their working style or strength along with the amount of work to be done so that everyone achieves their target and stays on the same level while also making operations smoother. The software also allows admin to keep a check on the progress of the work.

PeopleFluent makes it easy for managers to take decisions by providing them with adequate data that let managers decide what big step to take next to lead the organization ahead. Moreover, in case any organization feels that they got to keep their options reserved for any managerial position or they want someone who can bring in fresh ideas, the software turns out to be an asset, as it can segregate the employees based on their skills and work into categories like innovative thinker, born leader, etc.

Something to learn

As PeopleFluent is a part of LTG companies, it is connected to other organizations within the LTG family, where organizations get direct access to the other organizations that provide learning and training solutions in diverse genres so that the organization does not get to take the extra load and focus on the business part more. An excellent HRM software you ask, PeopleFluent, we say.


Top Features

Core Features
  • Collaborative Feedback
  • Mobile Feedbacks
  • Easy Recognition
  • Multi-rater Reviewing
  • Individualized Performance Management
  • Linking Competencies
  • Fit Processes Configuration
  • Custom Management Strategies
  • Aligning Workforce
  • Robust Goal Setup
  • Embeded Video
  • Tangible Transparency Creation
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Detailed Insights
  • Embeded Analytics & Dashboards
  • Performance Data Exploration
  • Career Development
  • Performance Evaluation & Coaching
  • Tangible & Transparent Process

Company Information

Company Name: Peoplefluent

Founded In: 1997

Address: Headquarters 300 5th Ave, Waltham, MA, USA

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