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PeopleGoal is a people management tool used by companies to manage the performance of their employees. It allows companies to set object-oriented goals, gather 360 degree feedback, review employee performance and much more. PeopleGoal increases employees’ engagement by aligning their goals to the overall growth of the company to let them understand their contribution to the business success. It allows companies to generate feedback forms to gather honest reviews. PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service. It connects company objectives to personal goal setting and join everything together with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews. PeopleGoal has a wide range of benefits at every level of your organization from a clear understanding of who adds value to your business to powerful reporting tools and trends analysis. In addition, it has a number of additional people-related modules that you can configure and customize.

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Top Features

  • 360 Feedback Requests
  • Social Feedback Requests
  • Customizable Performance Reviews
  • Real-time Data Reporting
  • Managing Data Reports
  • Free On-boarding
  • Platform Customization
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Goals and OKRs
  • Aligning Employee Goals
  • 360 Degree Feedbacks
  • Feedback Forms Creation
  • Adding Feedback Questions
  • Performance Reviews
  • Social Recognition Modules
  • Planning Module
  • Training Administration Module
  • Projects Module
  • Viewing Organizational Charts
  • Viewing Staff Directories

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