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Perfectmind is a business management tool for member-based businesses such as Fitness clubs and gyms. Perfectmind gives you complete control over your business while saving your time and money. When everything is managed properly, your business starts growing that gives you more satisfaction and freedom in life. Perfectmind software manages scheduling of your fitness classes & courses, online registrations & bookings, membership, business marketing and billing & bookkeeping for your business.

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PerfectMind Quick Info

Managing members in cultural associations, public speaking clubs, fitness clubs and in other such events involve a lot of work. The members need to be informed about the upcoming meet-ups, agenda for the meeting needs to be set, the venue needs to be decided, various resources for club members such as adequate seating arrangements, refreshments, and other such arrangements need to be made. Doing all of this requires a lot of co-coordination among team members. Also, it is easier to do all this if the group size is small.

Need for Member management software

However, as clubs grow and expand, the number of members increases and it becomes difficult to manage the group. This necessitates the use of member management software. Perfect mind is one of the leading member management software used by a lot of associations around the world. The feature list consists of features such as calendar & online booking, POS & payments, marketing automation, facility management and member management options.

The member management features help the user in automating communication thereby reducing a lot of redundant work on part of the organizing member. This also leads to faster and better communication among team members.


The online booking features help the organizers in creating special sessions and notifying the same to members. The members can then register for these sessions by paying the requisite fee and booking their slot. This feature also offers attendance tracking options such as roster management, setting up reminders and managing withdrawals and cancellations.

The POS further assists in inventory management, issuing purchase orders, selling products and data reporting. The marketing automation feature offers options like smart e-mail which lets users build and configure e-mail templates, customize e-mail lists and schedule e-mail delivery times.


It also offers campaign management options that let users track campaign results and run concurrent campaigns. The facility management features offer options such as facility booking, automated facility lighting which also has time-zone support and interactive calendar & maps which come with robust search features.

In addition to these features, the software also offers some useful integrations with products across a host of different categories such as payment solutions, lighting systems, GIS tools and access controls.

Top Features

  • Unlimited Members
  • All-in-One Business Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Creation
  • Intuitive Platform
  • Managing Activities
  • Managing Facilities & Memberships
  • POS Integration
  • Driving Program Participation
  • Selling Multiple Membership
  • Membership Customization
  • Tracking Attendance
  • Member Retention
  • Self Check-ins
  • Online Booking & Scheduling
  • Drop-ins & Private Classes
  • POS & Online Sales
  • Secured Online Store
  • Tracking inventory
  • Managing Purchase Histories
  • Built-In Reporting
  • Exporting Reports
  • Financial Performance Reports
  • Managing Staffs
  • Staff Rules & Permissions
  • Integrated Email
  • Managing Customer Information
  • Managing Multiple Locations
  • Customized Viewing & Reporting
  • Customized Permissions
  • Automated Billing & Collections
  • Built-in Book-keeping Application
  • Payment Alerts

Company Information

Company Name: Perfectmind Technology Inc.

Founded In: 1999

Address: 110-980 west 1st street, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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