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PHPfox is a social networking software that allows you to create a custom social networking platform for businesses, organizations, startups, and interest groups. It features pages, groups, activity feed, privacy, CMS, monetization, theme management, ad campaigns, invitation, blogs, photos, attachments, and more. There are two pricing options available: Nebula and Neutron, with demo version available.

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15 Alternatives

Top PHPfox Alternatives

PHPfox Quick Info

Why choose this Mobile Social Site?

phpFox is a mobile-based social networking software that welcomes individuals to join the vast online community with lots of built-in features. Empower your social network accessing this software tool that keeps you engaged online to stay connected with your family, friends and business partners be at any location across the globe.

Take privilege for using this software tool that is open source social site to start up your social action group and helps you access a higher rate of performance with the latest technologies all through active development and documentation.

How does it work?

phpFox social software is ready to use on any of your handy devices and best supports Android and iOS build operating systems, tablets, laptops for easy integration on cloud.

Today it is top-rated social community software that has become a trusted partner of more than 15, 000 online communities who created their unique social network hailing from different parts of the world and gained hassle-free experience.

Leverage its various mobile-friendly social and engagement tools to create responsive web designs that are easy to preview on any screen size. In case of any doubts reach their CS team who are working 24/7 to assist their client's specific needs. 

How much does it cost?

Get the license of phpFox software that is ready to purchase priced only $299 and high on demand by business personals and individuals who want to strengthen their social network to stay connected with people worldwide — leverage this software tool license to spread your wings.

The alternative way to access this software tool is to use its 14-day free trial period that requires no installation to build your social network community. 

Benefits of Social Mobile Software:

  • phpFox is mobile-friendly software that requires no coding and helps the user access its various apps and themes from the phpFox store to build their responsive websites to achieve a superior rate of performance. 
  • This tool is highly beneficial to customize the specific needs of the user and allows them to add, remove or edit the content of their website to reach the right audience to boost traffic and sustainable growth of their business. 
  • Once the user accessed its license priced $299, this user-friendly app ensures guaranteed satisfaction to the members and helps them to experience the real world for free and join the communities, they are interested in.


phpFox is the latest trending mobile social site that has many active members who got advantaged and satisfied to create their social networking communities.

Empower your social network creating a responsive website using its various tools and themes that best support with the latest technologies. Get rid of coding to reach a genuine audience worldwide and grab the opportunity to experience the real world.

Top Features

  • Invisible Mode
  • Profile & Content Privacy
  • Blocking Users
  • Activity Feeds
  • Like & Unlike Feeds
  • Comments on Feeds
  • Automated Feeds Loading
  • Ads Campaign
  • Banning Filters
  • User Groups
  • Announcements & Newsletter
  • Attachments Supported
  • Managing System Setting
  • Dashboard Announcements
  • Multi-lingual Supported
  • Importing & Exporting Attachments
  • Admin Posts Approval
  • Public Blog
  • Custom Fields
  • CDN & CMS Integration
  • Friends Invitation
  • Facebook Connecting Apps
  • Friends Profile List
  • Tracking Requests
  • Birthday Notifications
  • IM Chat Application
  • Social Media Marketplace
  • Website Monetization
  • Music Albums & Tracklist
  • Managing Pages & Groups
  • Multiple Photo Uploads
  • Photo Albums
  • Polls Creation
  • Private Messaging
  • Quizzes Creation
  • Spam Prevention
  • Anti-spam Questions
  • SEO-friendly Interface
  • Reporting Users & Items
  • Managing Subscriptions
  • Managing Themes
  • User Groups Creation
  • Video Sharing App

Company Information

Company Name: Benc Enterprises AB

Founded In: 2005

Facebook ID: thefutureofsocialnetworking

Twitter ID: PHPFox


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Small Business
Pricing Model
  • One Time Fee
  • On Premise