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phpList handles the management of the mailing lists. It is open-source software for email marketing. It deals with the distribution of information like news, advertising data, etc. to subscribers. The base behind it is the PHP language and the MySQL database. This software is available for free and follows the rules of AGPL.

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phpList Quick Info

In the business where subscription services are provided, there is a requirement of managing the distribution of information among the subscribers. This can be done manually, but it will consume a lot of time and effort. To reduce this burden, phpList software provides you with the respective management services.


phpList enables you to circulate the relevant information among millions of subscribers at once. This software is available for free, and you can download it to run on your server. It requires a hosting service so that it becomes capable of deploying campaigns for you. It also provides free accounts and paid hosted accounts. You get the benefit of using the software as well as you can make changes to it if required as it is open-source software. You can also share it with other people.

Email Marketing by phpList

It helps in email marketing campaign designing and deliverability. The emails are collected in the interface of the web. It enables the personalization of the email messages. It allows the use of HTML, templates, and plain text for the content of the email message. It enables you to import the email addresses from your email account or database. It organizes the subscribers in a list so that they are easily accessible to you.

phpList: Economical Software

You get the option of choosing the services from this software that suits your allotted budget. It provides you with the option of selecting the pre-configured and maintained installation product. It also has the facility of a trial account by using which you can 300 messages without paying any cost for it. You can either pay per message or can also pay per subscriber. You can host your phpList installation and can make it run by yourself. You can add new features to it with the help of developers.

A Scalable Software

phpList is a powerful and scalable software. It gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of lists. You can have many administrators to manage your phpList. It supports more than 20 languages. You get the facility of internationalizing the subscriber pages. The control is in your hands, and hence the data is secure.

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Company Name: phpList

Founded In: 2011

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