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Phrasee is a copywriting tool that deploys natural language generation. It produces a subject line for emails that captures the attention of a person hence increasing the revenue from the campaigns. The machine-learning algorithm of Phrasee gives a human touch to the language. It maintains the style of the brand in every headline it manufactures. Additionally, it enhances the impact of advertisements by tailoring memorable lines.

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Phrasee Quick Info

In this modern era, where digitalization rules the world, marketing is not an exception from it. The marketing team depends on the social platform for effective communication and advertising. This approach has improved the reachability of the product. Eventually, leading to heavy competition in the market. Due to the massive amount of data generated, the promotions of the company become lost in the spam. To solve the issues, content creators should use a persuasive language that instantly captures the mind of customers. Phormula, an initiative by Phrasee, is an Artificial intelligent based copywriting tool that elevates the revenue.

Leveraging machine learning

Phrasee utilizes a machine-learning algorithm to tailor the subject lines. This algorithm prevents the generation of repeated words that do not match the mission of the campaign. Hence, giving a unique touch to every header. It offers words based on the season during that period. Besides, it collects the key points of the campaign and uses them in the websites. The user can incorporate their brand style to the lines by providing the appropriate keywords.

Rapid designing

Phrasee implements quick procedures to generate content. First of all, it gathers the details of the campaigns such as themes, offers, products, and key points to highlight. Then it provides the set of lines to choose that feels interesting to the user. People can also compare the human written lines with that of sequences generated by Artificial intelligent algorithm. Finally, they can modify the line selected with their own words.

Analyze the trend

An organization needs to analyze the content statistically than believing in instincts. The analysis of real-time data provides a prediction about the impact of the language among the public. Hence, Phrasee compares the headers with global trends that the audience follows. It lists the various parameters of the line chosen, such as average word length and unique words used. Furthermore, it elevates the reach of Facebook and Instagram advertisements to tempt the customers and increase the conversion rate.

Company Information

Company Name: Phrasee

Founded In: 2015

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