By: Pingdom AB

Pingdom is a web monitoring service provider founded in the year 2007. It provides uptime and response time reports of your website. It includes multiple check locations all around the world for monitoring different websites, servers. Reporting of your website is done through emails and it also incorporates apps for android and iOS. It examines all parts of a webpage and it also lets you identify the root cause behind the outage that prevents any further recurrence.

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Pingdom Quick Info

Website Analytics has become such a core part of the internet industry. People running a website monitor each activity and traffic to provide better content to the viewers, thereby increasing their visitor stats and monetization.

Out of many website monitoring tools, we have Pingdom AB, a Swedish product that was launched in 2005. It is now taken over by SolarWinds, Inc. The stats provided by Pingdom are used by academic organizations like OECD, and even media sites like PC Magazine, ZDNet, CNET, etc. Pingdom is a well-known and accurate website stats providers.

As per their stats, Pingdom performs over 22 billion tests per month, 11 million+ outages, and 6 billion+ RUM requests per month. It has empowered over 850k users and companies like Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Pinterest, etc. It is now expanded with servers in over 100+ locations across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Pingdom Website Monitoring

Pingdom Website Monitoring is quite popular and has much accurate coverage than many other website monitoring tools. Pingdom targets the core website categories and offers support for E-commerce sites, for developers and managers. The 14-day trial of Pingdom can give you a complete insight into its capabilities.

Uptime Monitoring

Is your favorite website down? Worry note, Pingdom can notify you via alerts and notifications over phone or email. It checks the owner’s website in every region to verify if the website is down or not in certain regions. Alerts are instant with over 100+ test locations providing root cause analysis and a public status page.

Page-Speed Monitoring

Pingdom offers to check the load time for your webpages/website. It offers a detailed report on the load time of individual site elements like CSS scripts, plugins, images, videos, JavaScript, and a detailed graphical analysis of the same.

Monitoring Transactions and Servers

It also offers to assess the critical transactions over your website. It even monitors logins, signups, and checkouts for your e-commerce site, along with the interactions with an individual product. The server monitor uses StatsD from Pingdom to generate server metrics, real-time panel, and with support for 90+ plugin like Apache, Redis, Nginx, etc.

Real User Monitoring(RUM) and Alerts

Pingdom collects all the user data and their interactions, giving a detailed performance analysis of the website. It performs real-time checks and alerts the selected users. Stats like bounce rates, load speed, visitor stats, and many more are provided here. Alerting is customized by the site admins.

Wrapping up, Pingdom indeed provides real-time, accurate, and reader-friendly stats for your website. The stats handle many website analytics parameters and send live alerts to the admins.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Upto 250 Checks
  • One-min Intervals
  • Public Status Page
  • Checking Tags
  • Multiple User Login
  • Monitoring Subdomain
  • Rum Tags
  • Basic Alerts
  • Beep Manager
  • Upto 500 SMS
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Monitoring Server Uptime
  • Librato Integration
  • Double-checking Downtime
  • Root Causes Analysis
  • Managing incidents
  • API Access

Company Information

Company Name: Pingdom AB

Founded In: 2007

Address: Jakobsbergsgatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden

Facebook ID: pingdom

Twitter ID: pingdom