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Pipl provides the leading identity solution platform that allows organizations to access the database of more than 3 billion identities for various purposes, such as investigation, validation, and lead generation. This platform is designed for business users that want to perform people search, use the People Data API, and complete files about your customers. Pipl performs the people search process by using their proprietary identity resolution technology that extracts data from millions of sources, both online and offline.

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pipl Quick Info

Pipl is an identity verification service that gathers data related to people from all public platforms. Currently, it has over billions of verified profiles that can be browsed by analysts and investigators or any organization accordingly. As Pipl has a verified database, it can be used for screening recruits or tenants, or even by finance and crediting companies to cross-check the client whom they’ll be crediting. Some of the biggest names like BBC, eBay, Gartner, IBM, Microsoft, and Nasdaq have been using the profile database provided by Pipl to regulate their policies and get detailed info about their customers or employee or anyone else in general.

An eye on everyone

Pipl has turned out to be a great helping hand in investigations at times because of software intelligence and quality database. Investigation agencies or cops are always under pressure to follow the clues of a case and get everything solved before everyone ends up turning a cold eye on it. Clues in some cases are often too little to begin with, and this is where Pipl provides a great aid as all it needs is a little clue; be it in the form of alias, first name, or any little insight, Pipl will trace the information to the most relevant person.

As a result of a largely verified database of billions, Pipl has got hold of numerous lawbreakers in the field of Cybercrimes, Debt, Money Laundering, Fraudulent Insurance Schemes, and Claims, etc. Connect every little dot and catch the big fish in water, all with the help of Pipl.

Safety First

Pipl does provide a database of billions of people, but it also ensures that the process is safe for the person being searched, by enquiring the searcher on another end for singing up and verifying themselves as well. Moreover, Pipl is also officially GDPR compliant and accredited with SOC-II Certification and EU-US Privacy Shield, which qualify it as a super-secure platform. Users can search themselves as well, and in case of any wrong information mentioned, they can write it to the Pipl team who’ll investigate the matter and take the suitable action as soon as possible.

A Trustworthy, Selectively Accessible, Secure, Accredited, and thoroughly detailed people-finder was hard to find until Pipl arrived and revolutionized the use of data in various sectors by providing a vast and verified people database and making sure it’s not put to an unhealthy use.

Top Features

  • Advanced People Search
  • Bulk Searching
  • Get Email ID
  • Find Contact Number
  • Huge Data Access
  • Real Time Feeds
  • API Access
  • Fast Integration
  • Professional Support Staff
  • Bulk Searching
  • Complete Report
  • Instant Price Quotation

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