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Offers powerful image editing software for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, which allows you to edit photos and images on the go. It features photo support, force touch, repair tool, repair extension, move tool, selection tools, vector tools, type tool, and more. It has sketching and painting features, with featuring brushes, colors, eyedropper, and wetness. Pixelmator is a full-featured and innovative photo editing app for Mac. It lets you touch up and improve images, draw, sketch, add shapes & texts, paint, and a lot more. With Pixelmator’s smart, selection tools, you can easily and quickly refine any part of the image by applying special effects and color adjustments, moving, or by even deleting. The application comes with a set of innovative, powerful features, such as soft proofing, save for the web, and support for all types of file formats.

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Pixelmator Quick Info

There is a wide range of photo editing software available in the market. Each one offers unique abilities, but they are complicated at the same time. The users prefer systems that are effective but also simple to use. Pixelmator provides a powerful image editing system to the users at low costs. It is a professional-grade software with useful features. It follows an effective method without making it needlessly complicated. All the tools available in Pixelmator maintain ease and comfort. The users need not spend more than a few minutes understanding the interface.

Elegant and easy

Pixelmator has a design that keeps convenience as the topmost priority. The arrangement of tools is such that it helps the users to maximize productivity. Even though Pixelmator is simple to use, there is no compromise on the functions and abilities. The users can execute all the tasks required for editing but more straightforwardly. Pixelmator allows the users to work on editing and processing with any prerequisites. It is ideal for both the beginners as well as professionals. It caters to a variety of user base from amateurs to seasoned individuals. It also allows users to work on graphics.

Best for Mac

The platform is specially optimized to deliver the best experience in Apple-based ecosystems. The functions are very similar to the operating system in the Mac. It makes the process of editing joyful and comfortable with its software. The users can drag and place the elements to make things convenient.

Accurate colours

The accuracy of colours is the most vital factor in professional editing. Pixelmator allows the users to work on the image with almost real-life colours. It has specific tools and features for choosing the right colours with precision. Pixelmator delivers excellent performance to the users.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Tools Palette Customization
  • Transparent HUD Palettes
  • Tool Options Bar
  • Information Bar & Labels
  • Full-screen Mode
  • Vectormator Mode
  • Quick Mask Mode
  • User Rules & Guides
  • Action Tooltips
  • Multiple File Formats
  • Viewing & Extract Metadata
  • Managing Keywords
  • Finding Images
  • OS X Integration
  • Drag-and-drop Supported
  • Capturing Images
  • Fullscreen & Autosave Images
  • ColorSync Color Management
  • Spotlight Supported
  • Core Animation
  • Automator Actions
  • Fit & Trim Images
  • Watermark Images
  • Pixelmator Retouch Extension
  • Adjustable Images
  • Pixelmator Distort Extension
  • Two-fingure Gestures
  • Force Touch Supported
  • Multiple Languages Supported
Editing Tools
  • Selecting & Croping Photos
  • Measuring & Navigating Images
  • Move & Zoom Tool
  • Eyedropper & Type
  • Crop & Slice Images
  • Elliptical Marquee
  • Painting Tools
  • Retouching & Drawing Tools
  • Custom Tools Palette
Image Processing
  • Layers-based Image Processing
  • Multiple Importing Wizard
  • Changing Image Size
  • Rotate Canvas
  • Fill Images & Layers
  • Graphics Tablet Supported
  • Color Correction Tools
  • Layers-based Image Editing
  • Hide layers
  • New Layers Creation
  • Change Blending Mode
  • Adjusting Layer Opacity
  • Clipping Masks Creation
  • Managing Layer Masks
  • Converting Text Layers
  • Merge Layers
  • Group & Arrange Layers
  • Drag-and-drop Layers
  • Core Image-powered Effects
  • Blur Mode
  • Distortion & Sharpen Photos
  • Tile & Stylize Photos
  • Halftone & Generator Effects
  • Black & White Effect
  • Multiple Photo Effects
  • Custom Image Units

Company Information

Company Name: Pixelmator Team Ltd

Founded In: 2007

Address: 6-1 J. Kubiliaus st, Vilnius, Lithuania

Facebook ID: pixelmator

Twitter ID: pixelmator

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