By: Planisware, Inc.

This is enterprise software for new program management, building enterprises portfolios and new product development. This PPM software supports integrate strategy to execute and accelerate to make the most of an organization resource. It is completely based on organizations best practices to help products to develop, manage various programs and maximum efficiency with the resources. Portfolio, resource management, project execution and strategic planning are the key feature of Planisware.

Top Ten Planisware alternatives are (1) RationalPlan (2) Deltek (3) Daptiv (4) Instantis (5) Planview (6) TargetProcess (7) Genius Project (8) Sciforma (9) Promodel and (10) Celoxis

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Planisware Alternatives

Top Features

Core Features
  • Roadmapping Tool
  • Managing Programs
  • Managing Project Portfolio
  • Managing Ideas
  • Managing Proposals
  • Managing Project Pipeline
  • Aligning Portfolio
  • Portfolio Dashboards & Indicators
  • Reducing Time & Cost
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Role-based Solutions
  • Third-party Integration
  • Performance Indicators
Resource Management
  • Increasing Precision & Accuracy
  • Identifying Resources Risks
  • Scheduling Updates
  • Future Estimations
  • Optimizing Collaboration
  • Minimizing Project Delays
  • Resources Utilization
  • Improving Co-ordination & Communication
Project Management
  • Scheduling Projects
  • Managing Cost & Budgeting
  • Team Collaboration & Communication
  • Stage-gate & Phase-gate Management

Company Information

Company Name: Planisware, Inc.

Founded In: 1996

Address: 300 Montgomery St Suite 930, San Francisco, Ca, USA

Facebook ID: Planisware

Twitter ID: planisware