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Planview is portfolio based software enables to manage resources within organizations and individuals. This managing software gives an optimum solution to your portfolio and resources. Planview supports collaboration with the project and task and enhance the workflow of the traditional projects. It delivers the platform for resources enterprises task and portfolio in the cloud. It maximizes the opportunities and determines the opportunity to focus the result. It improves agile and collaboration whereas execute plans and integrates the strategy.

Top Ten Planview alternatives are (1) RationalPlan (2) Deltek (3) Daptiv (4) Innotas (5) Pathbrite (6) ITM Platform (7) Instantis (8) TargetProcess (9) Genius Project and (10) Sciforma

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Planview Alternatives

Planview Quick Info

Projectplace is a software product developed by Planview. It helps in project management of any organization or enterprise by keeping them connected at one platform through online collaborative tools like scheduling tasks, updating the completion status, visualization of team performance, and many more interactive features.

Project Planning and Tracking

Projectplace allows you to create a project plan and schedule the related deadlines for tasks that are visible to all connected team members on Projectplace application. Project workstreams items can then be connected to activities and milestones using the Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards available.

Gantt Charts visualize time vs. task completion for a project while the Kanban boards show the flow of progress of every individual regarding the task completion and work commitments.  

These help in increasing team efficiency along with access to project tracking feature, which keeps one updated with upcoming deadlines and the amount of work left.

Manage documents and stay in touch with the team

Projectplace facilitates the sharing of files & documentation management among team members through the joint Kanban board. And you’ll be glad to know that files and documents are not the only things that can be shared as Projectplace also allows team members to interact among themselves and share their ideas, feedback, or problems.

In case it feels that the team needs to be informed about some important change at midnight hour, one can use the Projectplace’s mobile app to stay in touch with the team. Moreover, the team’s working time can also be tracked using the same.

Project Portfolio

A unique feature to support stakeholder’s side that allows them to track the progress of projects and to makes sure that if there are any issues, those get addressed to the team.


Projectplace is an excellent project management app that makes an organization more efficient by providing data for every minute factor that might affect the workplace. It also helps in important tasks like planning schedule, keeping track of activities, and interaction & sharing among team members, which makes it a definite recommendation for any enterprise out there looking for a project management application.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Capturing Demands
  • Prioritize Portfolios
  • Project & Application Portfolios
  • Organizational Capacity Optimization
  • Linking Planning
  • Project & Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Planning & Tracking Project
  • Managing Tasks & Teams
  • Document Collaboration
  • Social & Email Communication
  • Accessing Documents & Tasks
  • Third-party Integration
Reports & Analytics
  • In-Application Views & Reporting
  • Insight Analytics
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Exporting & Sharing Reports

Company Information

Company Name: Planview, Inc.

Founded In: 1989

Address: 8300 North Mopac, Austin, TX, USA

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